Sunday, March 20, 2016

gifting art is so meaningful

Recently I was asked to do an Anniversary tree...I had done a wedding tree for one my sons' wedding and now was being asked to do a tree for a 50th wedding anniversary.  I changed it up a bit from the wedding tree but used some of the same handmade paper.  The guest stamped their thumb prints as the leaves and the bride and groom of 50 years were really happy with the event.  I gifted the painting and it made me feel probably better than the recipients!

make it a great day!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wow, a month has passed already!

So much goes on day to
Back to painting!

So far just really looking at week one and two with Tracy Verdugo Paint Mojo... totally immersed and wish I didn't have a job that I had to go to.  It would be so amazing to really take this class and be able to give it my full time attention!  Alas, I have bills to pay!
My first dream catcher ended up gifted to a young dreamer, so happy to share it with her as she embarks on a worldly adventure!
Then my second which was to include a face.  I actually incorporated some of my lessons from Juliette Crane, Bliss and Jodi Ohl, grunge.  I committed that when I wasn't able to go to Tracy's retreat in Indiana that I would take the e-course class spending no additional money - using whatever supplies I had on hand and make it work.  So, this second dream catcher is on Yupo paper I had from my class with Jodi Ohl.  It is fun to work on - way different than canvas or watercolor paper.  I used my character face from class with Juliette Crane's Bliss and her finishing layers, fixative, mod podge with some blue added and Dorman;s Wax..  Juliette has a new class Paint Happy - hoping to win a spot in her drawing!!!
So, not exactly the assignment but Tracy said it was okay to be a rebel and not follow the "rules", which there are none!

Then last but not least - my second palette of possibilities - finding the pic within the blob of left over paint!

Crazy how you can find something in what appears to be nothing.  I am still working on my canvas immersion...

Ready to really put some time into that this upcoming week.

Make art.  Be happy, share your world!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who Inspires me...KRISTIN DUDISH...

Kristin opened my eyes to a huge world of art!!!!  She accepts artists' at all levels, her comments are always kind and ENCOURAGING!  I first read about Kristin, not sure where, but was so impressed with a project she was involved in with Oprah Winfrey.  Kristin started her art business painting murals...
WOW, I freak out at paper that is 5 x 7...WALLS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
Once I started following her blog, I was mesmerized by her talent and wit!  How does she come up with these connections.  My brain tried and I had to laugh at myself...She finds inspiration to put all these things together and at the end - her heart (a favorite found symbol of hers ) is felt in every piece.  Some of her work is serious and others magical.  All of her work is vivid - even the soft pieces.  I love just looking at her portraits - intense but not.
I commented once on a small piece of hers and BAM, next thing I know I receive it in the mail!

Each time I abandon some art at the local bus stop, I am reminded of how I felt receiving her gift.
 She reaches out to all of us that love to create.  I don't have a picture of it, but my step-daughter, a Dairy Vet, has a Dudish hanging in her office of a PI-COW-ASSO.  We all love it!

Kristin and fellow artist Eva, help expose artists' to each others work,  We all draw immense inspiration and encouragement from a site they created for us to gather.  Paint Party Friday - a must visit!  I can't tell you how many times I was down and out about my work; posted there and someone always said something to keep  me going.  Kristin and Eva's willingness to take all the time they do to keep this Party going shows a love of giving to others!  I posted for quite some time and then fell into a super art slump, so I haven't posted much but am always peeking in!  It is from PPF that I found the first three artists I have written about!  I also have many artists that I follow, am inspired by and in awe of their work:
Ayala Art, Ann Hyde and her dog William, Kristin and her girls (both on canvas and in life ) and my Michigan native born soul sister Robin Panzer with her Chigirie hand torn paper art!!! (which we have a treasured piece of her work hanging in our home)
I would have never been exposed to all these amazing artists without Kristin and Eva's dedication to build this community!  Thank you ladies!
So each time I see a heart out in nature I am reminded of Kristin and her ability to find inspiration in everything!  Life is good!

Update on class with Tracy Verdugo...
I am working a lot of hours right now and finding it very hard to make time.   I have pieces started all over the house, literally.  My husband is like, "what happened to you working in your art room, oh I see the table is stacked and you are out of space!  oy."  Good thing he loves me!
hummingbird with blooms
Tracy had us save our paper paint palettes from our first lesson - now to take those palettes and find a painting...


Believe it or not I was able after looking at these for several days to SEE images...
So they both have been started along with my dream catchers... hoping to complete these this week.
This is the most amazing class...sure wish I could be going to the Indiana retreat as originally planned but next year I will get an in-person experience.

Now - to get some time with the canvas...
life is short - go enjoy it!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week three of who inspires me... Juliette Crane

Juliette Crane's class BLISS... gave me just that, the feeling of BLISS each time I picked up my new found favorite pencil. (General's Sketch & Wash)  She taught me to sketch .  I didn't think I could do that.  I thought each time I wanted to draw something - I had to find something to copy, no way could I just put pencil to paper and come up with something....WRONG!  I CAN!!!
Sitting with my dogs, drinking my coffee in the morning quiet...I is a great way to start a day.  I always get up to get ready for work with a smile on my face when I practice this.  It calms the mind and soothes the soul. It brings BLISS!  While taking Juliette's class I developed my character Pearl!  I love her and have sold a couple small paintings of her.  All of my paintings of her carry the title Pearl's Wisdom.   ...she is different every time, yet similar and always wearing pearls.

from my sketch book....

Juliette's class was so inspiring the way she creates her backgrounds and her characters.  Her husband's music always in the background.  Layers and layers and never giving up until you bring out what is inside.  Her book is beautiful and I love just running my hands across the pages.  I try to always pick up anything she is published in talking about how she creates.  I have one of her inspires me and brings about my dream state...a lovely place to be!

Thank you Juliette for BLISS!

update of my Paint Mojo e-course with Tracy Verdugo:

She has us making Inspiration Bundles...what an amazing exercise in pulling out your creativity...expanding your mind and working freely!
I won't go into the entire should take her course and absorb the entire experience - the images I used were hers...and my poem that came from them is completely different than what she pulled out of the same prompts, so interesting so the the different outcomes by each person that looked at the same pictures.

The rooster speaks,
in many languages.
Love Lives Here is his message.
Hearts whirl with soulful touches,
Knowing love is delicate and makes one vulnerable.
Release fear, let loose the heart and mind.
Remember soft petals of he loves me, he loves me (knot).
Stitch together the moments of bliss with those fallen petals.
Pattern the colors of the heart with brightness.
Find a place of solitude to remind yourself...
of the precious golden freshness of life with love.
Tie all these memories in frayed little bundles to be opened
and remembered at a later time.

I so loved doing this and wanted to share some inspiration, so as I often do...I abandoned my art at this bus stop.  I always include a couple bucks and a free coffee from McDonald's.  Not much but this bus stop is used by people that live in low income housing and many have disabilities.  I hope the person that found this the other day in the sub zero temps at least got a smile.  This exercise really made me think and pull things out of I don't know where - the words just came...I loved it but felt I couldn't keep it to myself.  Thank you Tracy Verdugo!
I am still only in week one and week three has started - I need to win the lottery so I can stay home and just soak this all up!!!!
Life is Better with ART!

cheers, dana

Pearl's Wisdom copyright dana strickland, sinderella's studio 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week two of who inspires me...

Tracey Fletcher King!!!
Art and Illustrations, is what her header says...but she is sooooooo much more.  I have followed her for a few years now and there is not a post I read that doesn't elicit emotion.  Most crack me up, so honest about the reality of everyday life.  Some bring deep joy and fill my soul.  Others, bring tears of sharing her journey.  Not that I have conquered anything of the magnitude she she writes in such a way that you are in her path - feeling what she is going through.  A lover of  her family, chocolate, tea and tea cups, and perfume bottles.  Her colors and composition amaze me!!!

She is a survivor - a pink warrior - an inspiration to all!

Here is a journal page sketch that I loved so much, she scanned it so that I could purchase it.  I will someday own one of her originals...I love this steam tea pot.  Tracey has a story to go with this and I have my own story that made this a must have piece.  I treasure it!
Please visit her blog and meet this amazing woman/teacher.  She is teaching Soul Food 2015...
check it out here and click on the Soul Food 2015 button on her sidebar!.
my inspiration wall
Thank you Tracey for helping me learn some very important life's lessons!  Always move forward, never give up!

Update on current projects:
This is my next piece for the ART for ALS that I am doing with my grandkids, Island Girl.  I am doing a series of faces as well as the S.E.W. go blue series!
mixed media
I used techniques that I learned from a class with Juliette Crane...BLISS.  I sooooo enjoyed her gentle way of teaching and how she creates from within.  Learned about some new supplies too, Dorland's Wax Medium and water soluble oil pastels - true love.  I will talk about her next week!

Now my first week of class with Tracy Verdugo - mind blowing!!!! I have only been working on week ones first video of three... I am taking my time.  With working full time I am not going to short change my experience by "cramming" this artful journey in - I am taking the journey.  I had so much fun making a scratched on foam print and am working to finish that exercise.  I have never done that - didn't have the scratch board so used my craft foam sheets that I have for the grandkids to cut out and paste onto different projects we make.  I have vowed to work with the supplies I have on hand!.
Can't wait to complete this lesson.  I have four prints in the works and it is mesmerizing to see them all develop.  The other artists' in the class are so inspiring and supportive of one another!  The pieces that are being shared put me in awe and motivate me to keep going!

go out and MAKE a great day

all work copyright dana strickland, sinderella's studio 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

TODAY EMBRACING 58 years... and my ART

Hope you read my previous post about Artist Joss Rossiter, Soulbrush.  As I was about to stop painting because of a long list of reasons, oh wait, I think excuses if truth told...anyways - once again she inspired me.  A published interview with her stated that she ONLY started painting at 58... I can't give up my soul-soothing passion now!

I have followed Joss and am always inspired by her talent and humor!  I have a piece of her work, a treasured print on our living room wall!  Makes me smile each morning when I come down the steps, it is the first thing I see!  Bright colors to keep dark days away!
Joss Rossiter, Soulbrush
I hope you take a minute to click on the pic and enlarge so you can feel all that this piece offers the viewer.

So, I am back and getting my studio room organized as I start an e-course from another artist that I follow.  Tracy Verdugo.  I am sure many of you are super familiar with her name and work.  I purchased her book Paint Mojo and had signed up for her retreat in Indiana this year.  Circumstances changed and I was not going to be able to attend...I decided don't bail, sign up for the e-course!  Woot Woot, birthday gift to myself and it starts tomorrow!  Perfect timing!
My morning sketch of a Tracy Verdugo inspired elephant. . .
Tracy inspired ellie
Now a piece I am currently working on, almost done - needs to have one more layer of wax and then be mounted on aged wood!  This piece is going to be part of an ART for ALS day.  My grandkids and I are going to have an event in honor of their grandfather that passed way to early as a result of this horrible disease.  We are pumped and creating!
S.E.W. - Go Blue series, Pelican
Here is who I love to paint with most, my fellow ART for ALS contributors...from left to right...
Cameron, Landon,  Nolan, Cloee in back....and solo is the Mason man.

There is my update.  Can't wait to get the Paint Mojo going and continue creating!  I plan on each week sharing an artist that has been a soulful inspiration to week Tracey Flethcer King! and more on my first week of class with Tracy Verdugo!

copyright dana strickland, sinderella's studio 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I am back....

Once again inspired by my Aquarian Artist Soul sister, Joss Rossiter...  I shall begin to blog again when I turn 58!!!  To be an artists is NOT about age!

She didn't even start painting until she was 58.  Now she sells her work all over the world.  I am a proud owner of one of her prints....

So this Friday - the 13th - I will embrace that I am 58 and an artist!