Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dream Girl Benefit

I have been asked to provide a piece of work for the silent auction during the Dream Girl Benefit for the Women's Resource Center in E. Lansing. It is a BIG deal and I hope I am up to the task of producing a piece that is good enough to get bid on!!! All kinds of themes are running through my head as to what to do...should I just do a watercolor... a mixed media piece or collage with a message... my favorite saying "dreams should never be put on hold" - that seems to fit with the purpose of the event! Any thoughts....


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Have you heard of that? It started a few years ago I guess when someone paid for the coffee of the person behind him in line. He did the same for the next guy and so on it went all day. Doesn't that put a smile on your face. WELL. Penny, a fellow artist and blogger did a pay it forward. Someone sent her an unsolicited box of treasures - she had to display it on her blog and have a reader ask to participate. There comes me. I am the lucky blogger that received a box of treasures today! AND BONUS Sophie, our poodle, participated as well with a pay it forward from Penny's cat Genghis!

I opened the box and it was like a spring bouquet. Pastel tissue paper in every color!!! Then I unwrapped each piece one by one. Lovely yellow birds with turquoise blues filled the table! I love watching the birds in the morning and the yellow finches are due back soon. What a surprise that Penny picked such perfect gifts to send a total stranger. The picture does not due justice. What fun!

Now, from Sophie to Genghis: BOW WOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! I didn't even get this much stuff at Christmas! I love everything - especially the hand cut puppy booklet - Dana has taken my paw print and put it on the first page with today's date! St. Patty's 2010. Thanks soooooo much Genghis - I do have another cat friend, Alphie, but he has moved to Indy. Miss him.

A paw high five to you!!!

LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, Sophie and I need someone to respond by posting a comment on THIS BLOG to continue the pay it forward. A surprise from me and one from Sophie if you have a pet that wants to participate. Hope we get a taker! This has been great fun. If you see this on my facebook - let me know if you want to be the lucky recipient!

NOW FOR THE ATC'S: Penny and I traded Artist Trading Cards - but did a post card size trade. Her's came in a beautiful hand papered box and I find this sooooooooo interesting. Our themes were 1- historical figure, 1- mythical/fantasy, and freestyle or potluck.

I did Joan of Arc but really considered Cleopatra - Penny's was Ancient Egypt - WOW - cosmic. In a project for work I had been looking for a troll - her fantasy card - a troll. Mine was, of course a wing-walker, Cameron! Then last but not least - mine was things that I think we should share and smile about - you know - coffee, chocolate, art friends! Penny's was a friendship quilt card. My whole deal with this blog and getting back into art started with my friend Joy who is a quilt artist - her work is in my past postings. The entire ATC thing started with an article I read out of Joy's quilting magazine - Quilting Arts. I happen to be working on a paper project that is a wall hanging of a paper quilt that is "A FRIENDSHIP BLOCK". The world is a small place and we get together with people that we are truly sharing a kindred spirit. I loved this whole experience.

Share with someone today! It makes you both feel good!

HAPPY ST. PAT'S - dana

Friday, March 12, 2010

better pics of Ray & Tilly

Okay I am happy with these pictures - you can get a better idea of how impactful this painting is! I will be sending it this weekend and can't wait to hear how it is received!
-matted and then framed!!! -
Ray actually came to my morning window and stared right at me as if to give his approval of this piece!
share something you've done with someone, it feels great!

POPCORN can fly ten feet!

Popcorn - my main stay dinner when Mark works late or is traveling - we are in a work late status currently - so ... started to heat the oil, poured in the kernels was waiting until it started to bubble to put the lid on BUT... I sat on the armrest of the chair to watch a SECOND of American Idol to see who was leaving and got sucked in! A few minutes went by and I was hearing this noise - OMG the popcorn - it was flying everywhere in the kitchen - charging the stove kernels were flying at me - got down my shirt and pants - BURNING KERNELS - holy crap what a mess. Started over - it was good!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One of my trading post cards... Penny don't look!

I am completing my 3 post card trade and have got to put this post card up for my daughter in law to see! If you go back thru my posts - last year I did the essence of pink and used Cloee. This is the wing-walker! Cameron is my model!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Priceless smiles of grandkids

Little smiles that make your day! Working on a piece that Cameron and Cloee are the inspiration for - will share soon. Right now my procrastinating self has got to get busy and finish my 3 pieces for the post card trade! As usual I am right down the the wire for completion deadline. Got to love it!

(from FC blog - just wanted to share it)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


My photography does NOT do this piece justice! It is beautiful in person and brings tears to my eyes understanding its meaning and all! I hope that the boys' grandma loves it as much as I do. This April Ray and Tilly would have celebrated 77 years!
Here's to celebrations!

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