Friday, September 28, 2012

PPF and yesterday's day off

Paint Party Friday and my day off...
It was the best day off in awhile... no one had a doctors appointment!!!  YAY!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO,  continuing my efforts to raise money for Optometry Giving Sight  I was working with POWER TOOLS! 
I had used the plasma cutter last year after we completed Scrap Fest to cut out our local University block letters.  It is quite the rivalry in this part of the state.  The big Blue Block "M" for the University of Michigan and the big GREEN Block "S" for Michigan State University!

I then drilled and pop riveted stakes that Mark was kind enough to make for me and put it all together.  Spray paint and sponge in hand, wha-lah!
$24 a piece or 2 for $40... a portion of the proceeds to Optometry Giving Sight!
  GO TEAM!!!

I also worked on a wreath for a gift I am making!  Spray painted it mat black and am working on the bats that will be added along with some other spirited items!  The bats have a reddish/pinkish metallic undercoat that will end up being the outline!
I can't wait to finish the bats....

Then, just to finish the day with a bang, I baked my secret awesome vanilla
pumpkin cake with a new kick.  Mark's daughter just returned from a trip to
Montreal and brought back the most incredible maple rum sryup!  Yep, put
that in - in place of the vanilla extract and cinnamon..... OMG!  to die for!

I added praline sauce using the sryup again with a splash of dark rum for the topping!  Talk about YUMMMOOOOOO!

So, a very productive day that did include PAINT !  

Here's to a wonderful fall weekend and visits to all the participating artists'.  Thanks to Kristin and Eva for hosting such a great place to share!

cheers, dana
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Sketches and life is busy

I feel like it has been forever since I have been in touch with my art!!!  The last few weeks have gotten taken over with medical issues and car issues... as I consider 13 my lucky number - I am really looking forward to next year.  Get all these "issues" taken care of and move on!  On a high note - we do have our vacation planned in the middle of diagnosises and minor surgeries to resolve issues... Both of us - how crazy is that!  So Key West be ready because we will be!!!  I plan on really taking some painting gear and seeing if I can't recapture some of the essence of Sanford Birdsey and my trip in 2008!

Dracu-ella !!!

Just a quick watercolor sketch this morning... feeling very Halloween-ish today!  Thanks to Alexandra for hosting!!!  Be sure to visit as many artists' as you can!

cheers, dana
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

What a great experience!!!  Thank you to Kat for hosting such a heart-warming project.  She worked her butt off making this happen!  It was so much fun to follow all the postings on facebook and read all the excitment shared literally around the world!  I have all six of my cards currently displayed in my inspiration frame!  It is an open frame above my art table and I use it to observe things I am working on - or- more often post things that inspire me.  These postcards are truly a source of inspiration and encouragement.

1st card I received is a daisy that is photographed in the most incredible lighting!  It is from Christina Yates, a photographer in Portland, Oregon.  Visiting her website shows her incredible work!

2nd was another flower to add to my bouquet!  Beautiful pink blessings from another accomplished photographer, Kelly Ishmael.  The quote that is on the card is: "All that we behold is full of blessings." William Wordsworth - so perfectly matched with the photo. 

3rd - ALL THE WAY FROM SCOTLAND !!!  Is a mixed media piece by Elaine of dreams and whispers!  The front says Impossible Dream and on the back a wonderful note!  Elaine describes her piece and herself!  It really made this card so personal!  Her quote to accompany this card, "The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking."  Robert Schuller.  How true!

4th is from Gig Harbor, WA from Judy Shipley - we definitely had a cosmic connection in this swap.  Her card is a pic of her grandkids!  So incredibly sweet - the quote on the front reads: Children see magic because they look for it!
How wonderful is that to remember day to day!!!

5th and criss-crossing our nation is a card from an artist I admire and who's work is on several of the sites I participate in regularly - Karen Isaacson!  It is a vivid mixed media piece that regardless of how I position it looks amazing!  I smile each time I look at it!  You can visit Karen at to check out her work!!!

And, of course, the card from Kat!!!  Such an eye for beauty!  I almost feel like I am in this romantic pathway and can smell  the flowers.

I do know where a couple of my cards landed and loved how they were photographed to display.  I am hoping to find out where the remainder went as I blog hop!

Once again, HUGE THANKS TO KAT!   This is in reality the definition of my signature sign off: 
cheers, dana
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take a moment today, IN REMEMBRANCE

To the families of those that lost their lives, we shall not forget!  To those that have fought and those still fighting for our freedom, our gratitude and prayers!  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

more angel eyes for Optometry Giving Sight & SS

Hope you like her Jez!  Please, honestly let me know, I am trying to start a curly haired girl.  Anyways - next up for my mini's for Optometry Giving Sight is the finished Babushka Girl!!!  When I was a kid all the mom's wore babushka's - I even had to wear them when it was chilly outside.  Now I think they are cool and so remind me of the 50's!  Made to ride in a convertible!!!!  There is a no helmet law in Michigan now, I could try it on the Harley... hummmmmmm, NO.

Have a great weekend and enjoy all the stops at Sunday Sketches, thanks Alexandra!

cheers, dana
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

SS and my angel eyes girls continue

Here is the girl I am currently doing.  She is babushka girl!  I love saying that.  The young girls I work with don't even know what a babushka is!!!!  Anyways she should be fun!  It is a busy weekend for everyone I am sure!  I am sooooooooooooooo looking forward to two days off in a row.  I trust everyone will have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.

Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches, can't wait to visit everyone!
cheers, dana
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