Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sharing Art at Grams!

I had three of the grandkids this weekend; Alex's girls -Cloee (soon to be six), her sister Cameron (3 - although she insists she is four) and Landon ( Ben's boy who is two). We painted, colored, ate apples in carmel sauce - be prepared if you serve that to kids, screamed for the Red Wings, baked cookies, walked Sophie and fed the birds. Great fun - here is their art gallery currently hanging in our livingroom.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


What an artful day I've had. It started with a walk/run around the lake this morning with Sophie. It was chilly but sooooooo beautiful. I took a couple pictures for painting ideas that I will be working on over the next few weeks. Then off for a quick pass through the East Lansing Art Festival. I was only able to catch a 1/4 of it and it was ALL excellent. So much talent and so much of it local! Then back home to get ready to accompany my friend Joy to her FIRST exhibit. If you recall I had mentioned that she entered her quilts in the Quilt Show. She had four entries - all just breathtaking. Seriously - quilting is an art form. As a painter I find much inspiration and many ideas in the art quilting world. She should be very proud of her work and her first time out! Like me, she did not have the outcome that was hoped for but it is a learn and grow event. Both her and I will be better next time, so look out!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Reading - practicing and expanding my comfort zone. I am taking the online class that Pam Carriker is offering on faces. As I am trying to create my own style by learning techniques from those who's art I respect. My paintings are nothing like her delicate soothing works yet I can learn so much from her. The journaling class I took - opened new doors. I can't wait for July to get started on this additional adventure.
Also following the Pastelfish - her words today - I sooooooooo needed to hear! Just Paint!
Happy Saturday everyone!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I just came from having muffins and coffee with my Mom. She is really quite a story. My mom has had many peaks and valleys in her 75 years - and I have watched 52 years of them. I think the biggest loss in my mom's life was her father, she was sixteen. I am not sure that she ever really has stopped remembering that day. He was her hero! She has had some bumpy rides for marriage but really we all learn and grow from those. Her and my dad were married 14 years - if nothing else they got the 4 D's and that made it worth while regardless. We are all different and have been needy at different times in our lives. She has always been there! My brother Dan is a constant for her, it does limit her ability to live life to its fullest in these years. She marches forward and makes him come along for the ride. Most remarkably she picked up a few years ago and went to Reno - the opportunity sounded too good to pass up - seriously. I was all on board and thought it would be great. Well, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be so back to Michigan she came. I am in total admiration for mom, the courage it took to do that most of us don't have at twenty, she was 69 if I remember right.
My mom in the last 15 years has somehow become comfortable with herself, most of the time. That wasn't always the case. She has always been ahead of her time and a hard worker! She did whatever it took to keep our family running. For a person who in earlier years, really lacked self-confidence - you would never know it by the way she carried herself. Always able to present herself in a professional energetic fashion. Through her outward actions and talks with me she taught me to believe in myself, probably alittle too much. Everything I did, she admired and encouraged me to continue. Both my parents taught the work ethic - give more than you get. My mom, though, taught me to reach beyond myself and never look back. I credit that for my success in each career move I have made. I always started knowing nothing and ended up a top performer, well recoginized and respected. My mom does seem a little scattered at times - we lovingly call it "Helen's Disease", which by the way I have inherited. But really all artist are scattered in some way. She represented me at my artshow last week and my husband said she never looked more beautiful. He had never seen her so happy. My response; "My mom was in her element!" She is a people person and an artist. She belongs to the public when she is in it. When she had her store - people came in because they were drawn to it, it was amazing. I really wish she had been able to stay there - just, again, alittle ahead of her time.
On this mothers day - I again - recognize my mom for all she has given up for others, all she has taught me! She is an inspiration, that at times has made me crazy (as I'm sure I have done to her). She is a woman that I admire and respect. She has given me her wide hips and I have her wrinkle lines but more importantly she has given me a piece of her inner soul - made me much of who I am! Today I gave her a small token of my thanks. An artist trading card to carry. I call it pocket sunshine. I told her to look at it whenever she needs a boost, a smile, a feel good! That is what she has always given me!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Okay - the walk was sort of a bust for me. My station was 3 blocks out from the main loop, so no one really walked down to it. A few people drove - received great comments about my work and did sell an artist trading card! So, all things considered, I am happy that I did it. My art displayed well and the feedback was positive.

I would also like to thank Stacy, owner of Divine K-9 Spa! She was a great host and her place is super cute and functional. She not only does grooming but offers a do it yourself service. No more back breaking tub washing for your dog or cat. She has these awesome shower-like tubs that are waist high and you stand and get the job done. Great gift items for pet lovers too! Stop in and check her out. The building is tucked in alittle so you might miss it. 502 E Grand River - next to the Citgo Station, across the street from the Nascar Fan's house!!! Thanks Stacy!

I am going to start work on a couple additional pieces that I think will be bigger and am planning an art tent sale - here - I think I will call it "A Deck-O-Art Sale" ( a spinoff of deco art), what do you think??? I have several artist friends that would participate and I know that we'd get more traffic than what I had in Williamston. Pencil it in for the weekend of July 12th - I will keep you posted.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm off to the ART WALK

Here are 2 of the pieces I am taking. I don't really do the photos for the computer very well but hope you get the feel of each painting. It is a bit chilly out but at least it's not raining. I hope that the event is a success! I feel good about it already - I have stepped way outside my box and am happy with whatever goes on over the next 2 days! If I sell something - great! and if not, I will not be disappointed in the experience. Again, hope to see you there! dana