Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mind wide open contest

Tomorrow Gail at Mide Wide Open will post the new contest for October. I am anxious to see her trigger word and photo to be used. I participated this past contest and actually my first ATC that I have ever done - started with expanding on her contest from August. For me, someone that is trying to pull the artist within out, her contest is a great way to jump start the mind. Her timeline is one week so you really have to get on it. Again, for me, a great way to make me do it. I read in Pam Carriker's article that the hardest thing is to just start - so true for me. I stare at the paper and all my materials, have a vision in my brain, and then quit before I get going. I make all kinds of excuses: if I start now, I won't have time to finish - or great idea but I'm not good enough to get it to come out the way I see it in my head so better not try - or that will just take tooooooo long to do it right so better not try... the list goes on and on. With the Mide Wide Open contest my brain is so busy running ideas through that I don't have time for excuses. The projects can be small so I don't feel like I'm in over my head. It has really helped me to get going.

Now if I could just find the same motivation for my daily exercise routine! End of the month today so in my real job world - crunch time!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

art photos

Well, I am getting frustrated. I want to learn how to take photos of my work and size it the way it would fit best on this blog. Haven't figured it out yet. I have found a couple of classes that I'm sure will teach me what I need to know. I won't be able to take them until next year due to my painting journey (33 days away now!!!) and my day job. So I hope that anyone visiting me here will excuse my lack of knowledge for the time being.
I am off to my art table - it is topped with junk - can't create without space!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

artist trading cards

wow. In researching artist trading cards I have run into a ton of new places to visit online. Each giving inspiration for new art!!! Anyone interested in starting an exchange group, please let me know. It would be fun to do a holiday exchange or some type of timeline with an idea to start for all and see what comes up. That would be similar to the Mind Wide Open contest - a general theme word to start from - or just an exchange with no boundaries - or upcoming holiday theme - OR -...
I could go on and on....... Check this website out:

You will see what I mean.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

my art

My friend Nancy has commented ( read at Real Job) - she is right I should have a pic with some art I've done - I will certainly figure out how to do that by the time I come back from Key West. The watercolor on the headliner of this blog is a painting I did last December for my grandson Landon. I then had notecards made from a photo of the painting that we sent out for his first birthday last January. I was so happy with the way it came out. I can't wait to see what I create down in the sun!!!
I am painting with Sandford Birdsley - check out her website: http://signofsandford.com

Her work is awesome - definitely read about her!!! She'll be 84 in February.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My new journey

I am preparing for my dream trip. I am going to Key West for a watercolor retreat. En Plein Aire with Sandford Birdsley. 6 days of painting on location in Key West. I have been going there for years and every year walk by her studio and read the flyer about this week long experience. I am finally going!!! 38 days to lift off!

Monday, September 22, 2008

real job

I sell cars - new Ford's and used anythings - today is a 12 hour day - yuck. All I could think about today was how to learn blogging better. How do I post pictures of my artwork, how do I show the comments sent back to me. How do I put in links to websites I find of interest.

I did sell a really cool Mustang GT today, female 63 years young - 5 speed she just wants to have FUN - that was exciting in the car world but my brain is in the art world these days. It is a much happier place to be.

All and all - the weather was beautiful today - sunny and warm - even though summer ended yesterday. I talked to my youngest grandson - he's one and a half - and he actually called me Grandma!!! It's all good!

learning curve

I think I am on a roller coaster with this learning process. I have very limited computer skills and just looking at all the options - and investigating what I want to do on this blog - well it is going to take some time! Like I was supposed to be working out this morning and here I am! One step further into the process though.

I posted a picture of my first ATC (artist trading card, as I didn't know that the first time I read the term). I have them for sale in my etsy shop - which again I am trying to figure out and add to. So check it out sinderellastudio.etsy.com!

Make today count! My mantra for a Monday!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm becoming computerized!

Yikes. I've decided to go into cyber-space and figure out how to talk to artist so I can continue to learn and grow. This all came about in such a weird way. My close friend, and fellow artist, Joy Tallman got it started. She is a Quilt Artist, awesome I might add! Let me know if you'd like to see her work. She got me hooked on Quilting Arts magazine - which then sent me to Cloth Paper Scissors. I then read an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors that sent me back in an artistic direction! Pam Carriker wrote "art at the speed of life" and it got me going. I sent her an email - she really answered! I entered a contest, at her suggestion, at Mind Wide Open! I am inspired and motivated to reach deep inside and begin to create that which has been pushed aside for, I don't know, about 18 years.
I want to be an artist! When I grow up of course. And at 51, I better hurry up. This will be my place to get inspiration, get feedback and to get going!!!
Hope to hear from others that have recently unlocked the artist within!