Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a brief video of the Festival of the Sun...

Our clock is briefly seen a couple of times...after today I will stop talking about it!!!  seriously.

Lansing Festival of the Sun 2011
our clock face - close up.

cheers, dana
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Sunday, June 26, 2011


We fell short of the People's Choice trophy, we were second - which counts the same as last...BUT for the silent auction our piece brought the most money of all the 17 entries...$1,000 was paid for our Hickory Liquory Clock.  Many of the other artists' said they were surprised we did not place.  It is a high compliment when your competition comes over and ask where did you guys come from...none of us are familiar with your work, "it's great".  Can't top that, well, it would have if we had gotten a trophy.  The event committee people said that we were their people's choice and of course, are super excited about the money the piece brought in for them.  This event gives all the silent auction money to Old Town Community development.

It was a great experience, exhausting too.  All of us work regular jobs, the guys work 12 hour days and traveled for four of our 12 days to work on it.  I had a wedding to attend and an open, I am on shut down...just doing laundry, which is piled high.  So, I have taken my poster that I made -framed it in some of our leftover scrap and will be hanging it in the was our Junk-Anew-bies headquarters for ScrapFest 2011......thanks to those that sent in a vote for us!!!!

                              hhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm 2012????????????

cheers, dana
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Paint Party Friday ...and TEXT YOUR VOTE TO 411669 - scrap11

(Back from the drop off - won't have voting number until 6pm so as soon as back from that visit to the competition - will post so we can get your vote -read below first or this won"t make sense) TEXT VOTE TO 411669 message: scrap11 anytime after 6 pm 6-24-11 Michigan time thru 6-25-2011 at 5 pm!!!
Old Town ScrapFest 2011...and the Junk-Anew-bies team!!!! 500lbs of scrap, a creative lead artist...3 guys that can extraordinary...I did a bit of painting here and there....cooked lots!!!

Poured more!

What an incredible experience! Thanks to Stacy Love, she had the guts to ask us and we all jumped on board. So for Paint Party Friday - the Coupe de gra!!! (I am sure I have THAT spelled wrong - but you get the idea)

Hickory Liquory Clock....

Junk-Anew Vintage 2011

The champagne bottle to your viewing left inside the giant spring was a brass part from a that counts as paint party friday as I copied it to appear as a bottle of dom perignon...this is a functional piece of rack!!! Please read the incredible Artist Statement that Stacy submitted for our team!!! We were all outside of our comfort zone on this project and soooooooo happy we did it!!!

in the beginning

So, I am getting ready to leave to take the sculpture to the competition...Stacy is meeting me here and we are driving the Junk-Anew-bies mobile!!! Hope I don't have to hit the brakes...

If you have time please view the statement...AND I WILL BE POSTING A NUMBER TO TEXT YOUR VOTE FOR PEOPLE'S CHOICE IN THE COMPETITION...PLEASE VOTE...IT STARTS AT 6pm - TONIGHT MICHIGAN TIME!!!! One vote per phone number and it will be tallied on going showing on the side of an old building at the festival!!!! Keep our numbers rolling please...we get our number once we deliver the sculpture so please check back... I will edit this post to add it!!! THANKS TO KRISTIN AND EVA FOR HOSTING AND FOR ALL OF YOU WILLING TO VOTE!!!! Here we go!

Thanks for reading...following the event...sorry it's soooooo long winded BUT seriously an experience of a lifetime!!!!
cheers, dana

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Only 2 nights left to complete

my husband Mark,
one of our Structual Gods!

our creation... we started with the truckload and it is all coming together.  I can't believe it!  Our leader has great vision and THE GUYS...what skill!  I have learned how to use a plasma cutter (I have to get one!).  I am now in LOVE with rust!!!!  Here is a sneak peak at what we're doing...can't show much until Friday - the official unveiling!!!!  I will also post twice can text a vote in for our work!!!  One call per number.  Once we drop the sculpture off we will be assigned a number for voters...sort of like American Idol!  So even though you won't know if our sculpture is the best....
PLEASE TEXT IN YOUR VOTE FOR PEOPLE'S CHOICE TO JunkAnew-bies team!!!!  Visit to find out about this great event! 
 I will post info!  Not sure what is wrong with blogger but I had to paste the pics in?????  What's up?

some of the guts of our work!!!
The completed piece will be posted for Kristin and Eva's Paint Party Friday!!!!!!   So please check back!!!!!
cheers, dana
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Friday, June 17, 2011

16 days since my LAST post...WOW

Okay I am focusing on getting back to center, I guess that is what I'll call it!  Too many distractions keep me going in scattered the ScrapFest competition!!!! and Paint Party Friday!!!

 Our team of five had one hour to run thru the scrapyard (only 2 members at a time in the yard).  We tagged in and out grabbing what we think we could use to create our design.  You can collect 500 lbs of scrap - so our bin was filled with what we thought would be enough to do the job - we signaled done and went to the scales.  You could not exceed 860 - the bin weighing 360...we hit it right on the nose!!!  Screams of excitement roared from the five of us and the other teams were like "what is going on". 
                                                     You could tell this was our first year to compete as we were like little    kids at the waterpark!!!  Our welders,
structural gods as our leader likes to call them, had to go back to work - Stacy (our leader) and myself hauled the "junk" back to our house to unload!  We have until next Friday June 24th to complete the mission!!! I will share some of the process but can't show much until the unveiling in Lansing's Old Town.  18 teams... we are pumped and my new mantra...
Mission "IS"-possible is sooooooooo fitting for this adventure.

So, this is my piece for Paint Party Friday!  Our sign I did for the yard as we work!  People are doing slow drive by's trying to get a glimpse of what's going on!  Tonight the videographer for the event is stopping into video and interview!!!  I hope you follow along this next few days...I will unveil the completed piece next Friday here at Paint Party Friday but in the meantime will be posting...promise!  Thanks to Kristin and Eva for hosting such great fun!

June 24th and 25th...we are in it to win it! -or just to have a great time!!!

                     Team JunkAnew-bies for the 3rd annual Old Town ScrapFest, Lansing MI!!!!

my husband Mark, me, "Rizzo, lead welder", Troy (stacy's muse) and Stacy, our fearless leader!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For myself...self talk...keep moving forward.... my new mantra:


cheers, dana
yep, color outside the lines!

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