Sunday, March 24, 2013

Monday moments...

Well, I am obsessed with a new artist I found.  Irina Rumyantseva, her work is just incredible.  I have been planning a painting with a cow for my step-daughters graduation gift.  In May she graduates from Michigan State University's Vet School as a Specialist in Cows.  There is a more technical term but I don't know what it is.  So I have been collecting some photos and have a photo date planned at a local farm.  I need some up close and personal cow shots.  While this has been my plan for the last year, of course, now I am down to the wire.  Then I discover Irina!  She paints alot of cows.  Hers are amazing and soooooooo captivating.

As practice this weekend I copied her cow for a sketch but then added traditional cow markings to it.  It was great fun and a good ice-breaker to get me to move forward on this project.

She is having a drawing for one of her paintings....I keep sharing her on FB hoping my name is drawn from the hat!

Here is my sketch!
my Irina adapted cow!  my photo didn't come out great but you get the idea.  So more cows to follow until I get the one I need for the gift I am creating.

Thanks to Irina for her inspiration and all the artists' I follow!

cheers, dana
life is short, make sure you LIVE it!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Last year I participated in a pay it forward project.  You sent something that had to be home-made... didn't matter if it was art, or food, or clothing.  I received a beautiful package and I had sent out a hand-knitted headband with felted flower to my recipient.  Soooooooooo, when my artist friend Mark Doepker posted a pay it forward art project I immediately signed up!

I posted on my FB page as instructed and a friend signed up.  Chrissy (my now recipient) and her husband Tony took a long awaited honeymoon this past December.  They went to my favorite place, Key West.  I knew right away that whatever I did would have some Key West in it.  My muse took over and the perfect image came to mind.  I have hundreds of rooster pics from our trips to Key West.  The symbol of the island. I had a special rooster I photographed from this last trip and wanted to use him.  The painting had to be bright as that is how the island is!

I drew my picture and then set to work.  I used watersoluble Caran D'Ache wax pastels ( love how these feel - like you are spreading butter) for the blue background - mixing blue turquoise with cobalt blue.  Outlined the KW with black acrylic paint - sharpied in my writing within the KW.  Everything I put in there is symbolic of the island - had to include Captain Tony's for obvious reasons - and then included honeymoon Dec. 2012.  I used watercolors -  orange and yellow to fill in the letters and wow everything was popping - just like I had it in my head.  I was afraid to complete the rooster for fear of wrecking the whole painting. (things don't usually come out like they are in my head)
used dark brown for matting instead of black, it really made a difference

After a couple days of staring at it...I sucked it up and put the brush to paper.  I completed the rooster using watercolors and then sharpie for some definition and a little white gel pen for some pop.  I hope Chrissy and Tony love this as much as I do.
a raw rough frame captures the island flavor

Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches - now to finish my labels for the postcard swap!

cheers, dana
May the luck of the Irish be with you today and always!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

It is still Sunday & Sunday Sketches...

Okay it is late but it has been a crazy week, as always, and it's still Sunday! So Sunday Sketches!!!

Here is my sketch for a pay it forward art project!  Can't wait to start the painting!
thanks to Alexandra for making Sunday even more magical!

life is short, make sure you LIVE it!

copyright dana strickland/sinderella;s studio 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013


the beak in all its glory

journal page
I can't believe it has taken 6 days of trying to post 2 pics.  One I got to work Monday and this morning after several attempts... here is the full look at my journal.  Man, I need help with this computer.  I can't tell if it's me or it!  Okay,  talked with AT&T tech support, it is a combo....asked them to come over and give me lessons BUT tech support is in India.  So much for what I thought was still an American Company.

I want to share another artist's finished work that she too has had hanging around to complete and did!  If you have followed me for anytime at all you know I have a quilting artist friend, Joy!  For my birthday she gave me the most incredible quilt.  It is sooooooooooo me!  She had found these fabrics a few years ago and I had asked her to make me a quilt.  So - it took awhile as things worth waiting for always do- and she depicted me perfectly!  This quilt is Dana all the way through.  I will treasure this forever!

Click on it to enlarge so you can see the stitching.  People on the beach having fun in the sun.  No, I don't do bikinis on the beach but I am all about the Florida Keys!  Margarita's in the sand and pink flamingos!

Sharing with Paint Party Friday - it's been awhile and not much painting here lately but I am trying to get back in the groove!!!  I love browsing through all the incredible work here whether I have participated or not!  Thanks to Eva and Kristin for keeping it all going on!!!!

cheers, dana
life is short, make sure you LIVE it

all works copyright dana strickland/sinderella's studio 2013