Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have great fun planned for Saturday morning. I purchased sugar skulls from Mama Bears Cafe in old town to paint for Cloee, Cameron and Landon. I am painting them so they won't eat them - way to much of a sugar buzz. For the girls I am adding butterfly wings and false eyelashes with gemstone eyes - "yes can't help but sing Betty Davis eyes as I plan this fun." Haven't decided exactly how I will do Landon's but will post pictures when finished.
I think Mark and I will put on our Harley gear with some scary make-up and sit out front with a fire going to had out candy. Each year I am disappointed that there are not more kids out there. When I grew up this was a BIG night. Of course, the world wasn't filled with as many crazy/sickos. Kids also were outside more and not glued to their tv sets and computers. Oh well, times change and we all march on.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Wow, these shows are long and I really need some different display stuff to be able to show all that I now have. Did sell some note cards and prints - big stuff needs a more art driven venue verse crafters. Thanks to my mom for helping and her jewelry was awesome. Also, Sid Delaney's work drew alot of attention. Alot of other young people were impressed and said they were going to try and do some work to show. Saw lots of old car customers, Jenny Craig clients and new optical patients so it was fun. I am getting to work on opening a shop on so will keep you posted when I am on board.

Had a great family and friends get together for Mark's b-day but sad his sister couldn't make it in from Colorado. Then off to our annual bonfire at Spedoske's - great fun every year - his fires keep you warm no matter what!

Make a great week!


Friday, October 16, 2009


HOLDIAY CRAFT SHOW ... Sinderella Studio Designs will be there!!! booth 128! 9am - 4pm
Prints, notecards, originals and showing work from 2 new contributors to the studio:
Helen - gemstone earrings - awesome
and Sidney Delaney.
Helen has beeen doing jewelry for over 20 years. Her work is exquisite. We will be showing earrings only for this show. She has been written up in Michigan newspapers and many own her unique one of a kind creations.
Sidney is an eleven year old with an eye for color. Her art matches her spirit when you meet her. Great fun and an inspiration for other young people interested in art to jump into it and show their work!
Hope to see you Saturday!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


When I worked in the Emergency Room I had daily reminders on how short life was... when you leave that environment you - once again - start to take life for granted. A friend of Mark's, Brian, passed away in the early hours of Friday October 9th. Great guy, super wife, Harley rider/lover... he was the one that got Mark hot to get a bike. That bike really makes Mark smile! We were supposed to have done a color tour this past birthday weekend with Brian & Kay. He was diagnosed with lung, bone and liver cancer a few short weeks ago and is now gone. We saw him on Tuesday, he still had a spark - his sparks were always mellow - and you left wanting him to make it home so badly. Treasure all that you have - quit looking at the other guy with envy. Move forward - hug your family every single day and smile at a stranger!
love, me
-a good man will be missed!-

Sunday, October 4, 2009

5k at the BIG HOUSE

What a great time running with my sons - well not literally as they were quite a ways ahead of
me but still... Becky & Chelsea were there with all the kids - even Mason tucked inside that stroller. As I approached the tunnel they were there cheering me on - and I needed it (hadn't really trained). It was cool coming out into the stadium at that level - then Alex and Ben were waiting at the finish! It was cold - but check out what Alex ran in! I will treasure today! GET OUT AND GO DO SOMETHING FUN WITH YOUR FAMILY! Thanks kids!
Love, mom / grandma

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Happy B-Day to Amy!!! And tomorrow - SUPER HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man of my dreams, my husband Mark!!!! He will be 60 !!! - so it is a big b-day!!! Of course, he is working like a madman to be ready for a race in CA next weekend so - probably won't get to celebrate too much! - AND - Happy B-Day on Saturday to Michele - one L - keep it safe girl!
Just an art update and run update... Things are really looking good for the October 17th Haslett High School Holiday show. We will have plenty of note cards and very affordable prints - as well as original works! My friend Debbie, that has been helping and teaching me about having prints done has just wowed me with all that can be done.
This Sunday I will be running in THE BIG HOUSE !!! WITH MY TWO SONS!!! I am sooooo excited that we are doing this together. And it is a big deal that we are starting at U of M outside the stadium - running a 5k and finishing by - do you hear this Matt - running into the stadium THRU THE TUNNEL and finishing on the 50 yard line!!! My boys have been going to games there since they were little - I mean infant size - so this is going to be fun (slow for me but fun). The Optometry Giving Sight World Challenge Day is officially October 8th and we have raised a nice donation for this great cause. Our company run had to be cancelled but we are still working to support this Challenge Day! As a whole we are promoting this organization and its ability to make a difference! Thanks to all that donated to my sponsorship - this money will give sight to people that have never seen glasses!
Oh yes - and it is big game day Saturday - I hope it is a Great Game - but as always my heart is with the maize and blue...GO BLUE - BEAT STATE !!!