Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Sketches and no time...

My schedule allows little time for really creating.  I am a morning person so it is work out or create...currently on the workout path, so when can I art?  I've been taking a paper journal with me everyday now, grabbing my plain #2 pencil and making sure art is part of EVERYDAY!  I have given myself permission to just play - it is not about creating a masterpiece - it is just thinking about it and putting pencil to paper.  No real supplies just something to keep me growing.  It doesn't matter that I am not following a lesson or perfecting a technique - it is about the DOING!  So, crayons highlighters whatever is there - using it and smiling the whole time because NO PRESSURE!

My little bird of mixed whatever was on hand where I was at!  Color therapy - art therapy - call it what you want but it makes you smile!

My alter ego?????

Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches!!!!  It is always fun to get up, grab a cup of coffee and explore on Sunday mornings!

cheers, dana
life is short, make sure you LIVE it

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Liberate Your Art postcard swap 2013...

Is underway and I have received my first postcard...all the way from New Zealand!  It is a beautiful pic of the true essence of the country I believe.  NATURE!  Ironically, Mark's daughter is in New Zealand right now hiking and touring the country.  She just completed a 3 week clinical and is taking the country in for 2 more weeks.  I posted the card I received on FB and Jaimie (daughter) sent back - that it looked like where she was at that very time.  I can't wait for her return home so we can figure out if it is indeed someplace she visited.
Thanks Jo, I loved the pic and your note!  Love liberation of art all around the globe.

Thanks to Kat for hosting the swap again this year.  This is my second time participating and it is so exciting to go to the mailbox to see what treasure has arrived!

Speaking of postcards,  Robin Panzer has share info that I'd like to pass along...
The Post Card Project - Angie
1920 Centerville Turnpike #117-199
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Send post cards that Angie, a young cancer patient, will share with her fellow hospital mates...let's help put some smiles into the day for these kids.  Here is my packet that I will be sending:

don't ask why it won't post up the right way - so sorry you'll have to view sideways, but you get the idea!  Hope you can join in the fun!

cheers, dana
life is short - make sure you LIVE it

Monday, April 15, 2013

sketch everyday!

South African the shadows!
photo from a friends visit to South Africa.

cheers, dana
life is short - make sure you LIVE it!

photo copyright Sally Spedoske 2012

Sunday, April 14, 2013

still alive....

Yes, I am still here and now have some time to breath.  I have spent the last few weeks preparing for a Surprise birthday party for my parents.  My dad turned 80 and my mom 79,  their birthdays are on the same day.  They have been divorced for decades but for the last 15 or so years we have been able to celebrate together.  It turned out perfect!  I can't believe it worked out so well.  I only forgot a few minor things to take to the hall as part of the decorations so I was pretty pleased with myself.  I really organized my plan and actually followed my plan - wow - amazing for me.

Don't they look great!!!!  One of my brother's surprised them coming from Florida - they had no idea he was coming to town.  It was just awesome for them!!!

So now that I have had a week to kind of relax - well still going to work everyday so - just deciding to pick up my pencil and whatever notebook or paper is at hand to make myself art everyday in some way!  Keep my spirit soaring!  So here is the last two days of just scrubbin' on the paper!
working on cows for a project I have planned...and then Ray the Cardinal - one of my go to drawings to make me smile!!!!
Will be posting Wednesday regarding the Liberate your Art postcard swap...received my first one and love it!

Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches and all the inspiring artists' that participate!  You all keep me believing!!!

cheers, dana
Life is short, make sure you LIVE it!