Sunday, February 28, 2010

Going to the mailbox!!!

This week has been sooooooo much fun opening the mailbox, no. 1 NO BILLS, no. 2 surprises for ME! Last weekend I was at my brothers for my nephews b-day. My sister-in-law Claudia, Super Talented ARTIST of many forms - had made hand-warmers for all her grandkids and girls. I loved them and want her to show me how to do this year (along with a bunch of other projects I have asked her to share - which she would love to but somehow I never have the time - this is the year) anyways... I open the mailbox and a package from her - ummmmm, YEA! My own pair of hand-warmers! I LOVE THEM. I had this scarf I should have finished months ago and now I completed it with her push of inspiration. GOT to love it! THANKS CLAUDIA!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Almost done with Ray & Tilly - the anniversary song! A few more minor details and then having them floated on matting - then framed! Can't wait to see the completed project.


I opened the most incredible package this morning. If you have checked out the French Charming blog that I follow you will understand my excitement. Mark had been out of town and I came home from work to quickly change - rush to metro and pick him up - BUT - the box was finally in the mail from French Charming! I had ordered a simple, yet preciously beautiful, ring for my granddaughter Cloee to have as part of her b-day present this year, she will be 7 and her birthstone is pearl. So, this "cute as a button" ring that Karyn of FC made was PERFECT. I had been awaiting its arrival figuring it would be packaged frilly. Now the box was much bigger than I expected and I wanted the full experience of opening it SO - I waited (anyone that knows me - knows that was hard). Anyways, I went to the airport and picked up Mark, we had a fun ride home talking about the testing of the new Jaguar in Sebring getting ready for the 12 hour race next month. BUT, 1st thing this morning I got up, got my coffee and SAT DOWN WITH MY BOX! As I unwrapped each trinket of joy I felt like a little kid getting my first gift. It was sooooooo much fun! Karyn had enclosed a note that she had added a few things as an apology for not getting the ring out sooner. I thought it came in plenty of time - wasn't worried. You must visit her blog and her etsy shop! She just makes you smile!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Have decided NOT to do the Williamston artwalk. It was a good learning experience last year but it is not well promoted or run. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I have purchased my show tent and will being doing Artist By The Lake again this year with fellow art friends. Watch for postings on dates. I plan one Sunday a month in May, June, July and August! Get ready to mark your calendars - almost done with Tilly and Ray - can't wait to finish them! Then onto completing the mystic waterlily!
Yesterday's snow brought out people that were really mellow and fun to chat with!
More smiles today.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

a work in progress...

These are my birds that are outside my kitchen window just about everyday. As I said last week - 2 projects in the works. I have mounted the handmade paper with the music sheet printed on it... Canadian Sunset - NOW - onto adding Tilly & Ray. My sketch is in and I am about to start mixing my paints to see what happens!!!
Make a great day - smile at a strange & get out your crayons!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Okay - time to get serious, I need some followers and I want to get this blog out there! HELP.

I am working on 2 pieces right now that one is spoken for and the other will be done in prints and notecards. Here is a sneek preview of my started projects. The Canadian sunset will be given torn edges and float on the watercolor paper - you will have to keep following to see what is next. The mystical waterlily will also be finished and make you smile with dreams when complete!
Make a great Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I didn't realize I hadn't been on the computer when the newest of the grandkids was born. Nolan Roy Wasson - he is beautiful. Born Jan. 20th - 7.11oz and 19 3/4 long. As you can see all are well and Landon loves his new baby brother!!!
Love being a grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is nothing like relaxation and warmth to create inspiration!
Each time we go to the Keys my dream of being a "REAL" artist starts
spinning in my brain. I want to sit on the beach with an easel filled
with paint! Just working with the brush flowing across the paper.
I feel like I should be able to just get it right each and every time! all takes time and each start is better than no start. SO, I will continue on my journey of creating my art! Before leaving on this trip I SOLD a print of my female cardinal, Tilly. She was beautifully framed in a rustic wood with orange matting. A donation was made to Optometry Giving Sight as with each of my pieces that are sold! I hope to hit $500 this year through my sales. Now to take my Key West fire and get a piece completed. I will be sharing some of our trip over the next few days. We took the biplane ride as we did 10 years ago. It was wonderful.
Make a great day! Give someone a smile!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Okay - a computer does become your lifeline to the world! Ours took a poop with a virus and we have been without it for 3 weeks. So many things happen that you want to chat about and NOT... no computer. Thank goodness we went on vacation to the Keys inbetween. That was, once again, a wonderful time. I have to get going this morning but will be posting later today - pics to follow - just need to figure out the new set up on the computer. We won't be opening forwards anymore unless someone convinces me that it is a must.