Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Sketches and the finished piece...

I love blogland...first a surprise in the mail...Kristin Dudish showed a journal page not too long ago with a snail.  I have a thing for snails and snail what could be better than opening the mailbox and having a postcard from her with her snail sketchbook painting!!!!  Even my husband was wowed!!!
Then, all the helpful encouraging comments as I work on my Dad's barn painting.  It is done!  I am happy with it and have decided no matter what his comments are...I am still happy with it.  I know he will be to, he just can't help himself but to say something critical.  He thinks it's funny because it ruffles my feathers, not funny!  But I am not going to let it bother me because deep down he is happy I did it!  I should have taken the pic before I framed it because I didn't use museum glass... oh well.
I love the rustic scrappy frame...the birds on the roof are cardinals.  I was quite surprised when my favorite birds (Ray and Tillie) turned out to be the state bird for West Virginia, my Dad's home state.  Speaking of Ray and Tillie...if you have read past post you know that I paint cardinals and they are named after two important people in my I type this Tillie (my ex-mother in law - and ex sounds so tacky) has just passed...she will be meeting up with Ray and celebrating eternity!  It is with sadness that I type but with a smile knowing they are together again.

at my son's wedding...just this past May

Please hug all you love, let them know you care and make a call today to someone you haven't touched base with in awhile!!!!  Hello, goes a long way!!!

make art, make friends - share art, share souls!!!!  Thank you Kristin!
visit all the artist at Sunday Sketches hosted by heart is with you! This week Heather of Rose Hill Designs is our guest host as Sophia is with family at a most important time, thank you Heather.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

7 random things about me....

I love the smell in the air after a nice full summer rain...worms and steam...makes me want to go out and jump in puddles as I did as a kid (sometimes I still go out and jump in them)

I have trouble throwing things away...I am not a hoarder although my husband may think so!

I still buy coloring books and use them!!!

I have a lipstick fedish.

I love dreaming while awake!

Grandkids and cupcakes go together in this house!

One of my favorite parts of day is when my husband gets home, we cook with wine and chat about our day.  Wine and spices splashing and dashing everywhere!

I am posting these things as Marfi from Incipent Wings has been kind enough to send me a blog award!  I needed to post 7 random things about myself and send the award off to 7 other bloggers....I want everyone to have the award!!!! and will be sending them out!!!  Thanks Marfi!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

the barn....

I am pretty happy with the way the barn came out BUT know my dad will be critical that my background is not dark like the photo I shared with you last week.   How to get that hazing deep should I just leave it bright and clean....after all this all about the roof-line of the barn.

Please let me know what you think I can do to add to this painting.  Matting will do alot to pull it in...I just keep looking at it and thinking of the Mark Mehaffey lecture I went to ...he would say this is seed catalog work...but I like it!!!
Also must share this mornings sunrise looks like the moon!

I love sitting out on the deck in the morning drinking my coffee...I love summer!!!!

Thanks to Sophia for hosting Sunday Sketches and all the wonderful art that we share each week!!!!

Also, please check back tomorrow.  I received a blog award from Marfi at Incipient Wings...she is so magically whimsical!  Anyways, I have to share 7 random things about myself - yikes - and sending the award onto 7 others! 

Remember:  make art, make friends - share art, share souls!!!

cheers, dana
now off to watch my daughter-in-law and granddaughter get baptized...and grandson's 2nd b-day!

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