Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sketch is almost done...

my dad & the Moran barn
Some years ago I did a painting for my Dad of the barn his dad and grandfather built.  About 15yrs ago my youngest son and I went with my Dad to Orlando, West Virginia (no it is not on most maps).  We had been at a family reunion in southern Pennsylvania and decided to go see where he was born.  Wow, no traffic lights, one road and a road that was the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  We found his family property...beautiful!  The old house was gone and a mobile home was in its place but way out back was the barn! The owner was kind enough to let us walk around a bit.  It was an emotional moment for my Dad and wonderful to experience with him.  SO, I did a painting of the barn.  It wasn't all that great as I look back, no real deepth or Dad complained about my roof line.  I didn't show the one side with the peak (I'm going to call it).  The photo didn't really show it either  because of the angle and the barn was pretty deteriorated.  My artistic friend, Joy, says in my dad's eyes he still sees it as a child, strong and freshly painted.  SOOOOOOOOO, I have decided to paint it as he probably remembers it and hope that this painting he likes... here are two sketches that I hope to get one to the point of transfer and start working on this week.  (I am trying not to do the whole panoramic view, bring it in and make it my own)

Hope your Sunday is filled with sunshine and your week too!  Thanks to Sophia for hosting Sunday Sketches...I just love all the work that I get to visit by being part of this day!
cheers, dana

p.s. wanted to share what I sent in the Faerie Shoe Swap...I did a paperclay (thanks Penny) shoe on canvas and some fun surprises too!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Faerie Shoe Swap...magical fun

I was lucky and got my package early!!!  Today is the day for the official completion of the FAERIE SHOE SWAP hosted by Wendy at Blissangels!!!!  What fun.  As you know my granddaughter was here last weekend SO she got to see and help with the package I was sending AND open the box from JoAnne, at Vintage Dragon Fly, that I received in the swap.  She was sooooooooooo excited.  We carefully opened the box and a beautiful vintage shoe was unveiled.  A deep creamy blue patterned shoe with lace, pearls, and two of my most favorite things...a cameo - a lovely faery resting on a fern...and a pearl beaded hatpin!!!!  How did she know I love cameo's...cosmic!!!!  Isn't it lovely!!! I have hung it over my art-table and am counting on the faery magic that comes with it to inspire my work!!!

all things I love, ticket stubs...faeries and dreams!!!

 I love JoAnne's business card...look at my blog header...again cosmic!!!  I will use all of these in future pieces of work...the faery dust shall be saved for a special occassion.  Please visit JoAnne's blog...and Wendy's....again,
this was a fun swap and I hope JoAnne enjoys her package as much as I did mine!

cheers, dana
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

sunday sketches and one wore out Grams!!!

Well, 9 weeks of babysitting step-daughters Newfinland (huge harry) dog...2 weekends in there with multiple grandkids for the weekend (as parents had outings)...3 days of sons lab (hyper harry large) dog, a couple open houses, a wedding and my 8 yr old granddaughter here for her solo birthday visit with grams...and I am toast.  Our house is choas and I don't know where to start to put it all back together.  Carpets and furniture get cleaned Tuesday...that will make me feel better.  In the midst of all this still recovering from the Scrapfest and my solo Fl-art (flash art mob - yes, of one).  So, Cloee (granddaughter) and I did a non-stop shop, eat, art weekend.  She helped me tie up my Faerie Shoe swap project...can't show because it is not in the mail yet...still drying.  Cloee did a project of her own (with alittle help from ideas on Kristin Dudish's blog) and I did my Sunday Sketch... aren't you tired too, just from reading this??? lol  Anyways, life is short so better to be exhausted and with the ones you love than sitting on the sofa moaning about the heat!
Cloee absolutely loved going through some of the Paint Party Friday's with me ... she couldn't believe all the GREAT artwork and was amazed that grams "knows" all these artists...thanks everyone for making me look so worldly!!!!  She is excited to have her work posted on Sunday Sketches...thanks Sophia for hosting!

I will, as usual, be late getting to view everyone's work but will be hopping around later today and into the week.  Off  now to have breakfast with Great Grandpa so Cloee can spend sometime and then drop her off with her mom at church...another full speed ahead day!!!!
meeting of the minds!!!!
A journal page: coated the page with white acrylic then did sketch and used watercolor paint/pencils...sharpie markers.

cheers, dana
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paint Party Friday and a quick at work sketch...

Okay so I am at work and I see this lady (older) waiting at the bus is 95 and she is in her cultural clothing...I am soooooooooooo respectful of mind starts to wonder...a young girl with all the world to see...what is she thinking.............

what is she thinking???
wow, what color would you have used for the yellow???  I have color combo and depth issues....I was at work so my supplies were limited.... watercolor pencils and crayons...I used q-tips instead of paint brushes... happy paint party friday...thank  you Kristin and Eva for hosting...can't wait to hop around this weekend.

cheers, dana

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

artsee bloggers: 1...2...3...EVERYBODY Sing!!! ♪♫♫♪♪

artsee bloggers: 1...2...3...EVERYBODY Sing!!! ♪♫♫♪♪: "This should definitely be our theme song here at artsee bloggers! Music video for Tanya Davis' song Art by Andrea Dorfman"

I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheers, dana

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Sketches...memories...and thanks....

People we love grow old,
we watch them lose some of their spark.
At first we refuse to see they are aging,
sometimes frustrated with their change of person.

Ray (who we lost a few years ago) & Tillie (at 95 has just been
diagnosed with a serious medical issue)  Thank you from the
bottom of my heart - you mean sooooo much to me

We soon realize the fading is real,
and our towers of strength are becoming weak.
It's sad and scary for us and them,
realizing our losses and them that endings are near.

Look up and remember there are those who wait for them.
Loving arms open with wings in hand.
With heavy heart we eventually say good-bye,
and on their memories, lessons, and love we rely.

with love and respect, dana

You may have seen this before on my blog, it is a painting I did in honor of Ray & Tillie's, what would have been 75th anniversary last year. Ray had passed a few years earlier.
please visit the wonderful artist at Sunday Sketches hosted by Sophia at Blue Chair Diary

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paint Party Friday and Kristin's collage sheets...

Didn't really have much time for "art-ing" this week.  Work was busy and getting ready to have 3 of our grandkids for the weekend.  BUT, I loved Kristin's collage sheets she of course, printed them and ... made a card for my husband.  We have been together 13 years and he is in auto racing.  He travels alot and each trip I tuck a card or note in his lugguage or book or briefcase... he saves every one of me there are lots!  So I just quickly did this card using Kristin's sheets to help me along the way...that is supposed to be me on my Sportster!
No, he is not the driver...but a team doesn't do well if they crash.  Also, they fly to the tracks they go to, drive all over where ever they are so I always tell him to have a Great Race and Don't Crash.  So, for Paint Party Friday this is what I have to share.  Thanks to Eva and Kristin for hosting.  Thanks so much for checking in - I can't wait to make the rounds to see all the great "art-ing".  It may take me a few days... an 8 yr old, 5 yr old and 2 yr old will have most of my attention throughout the weekend.!

cheers, dana
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

okay a FL-ART (flash art mob) of ONE... One is the lonliest number

that you'll ever know....NOT!  I love being solo - so didn't have a problem once I got myself there. I did have to talk myself into going once I knew my one friend wasn't going to show - I have only painted on the streets in Key West, and no one notices you as being different there.  I am a loner, my mother says I am the socialist loner she knows.  Out and about I am front and center.  I prefer to be alone though.  I work all day with the public and when my day is done, I am done.  So, I have had this idea of a FLASH ART MOB...I don't have a huge facebook following - my close friends and my kids all live at least an hour away but hey... time to stretch my comfort zone!  So I posted it on facebook.  FL-art today...Flash-art mob...bring paint, pencils, crayons, whatever let's do art in the streets.  Kind of what I did in Key West but that was structured.  So, I was a FL-ART mob of ONE.  I had fun, focused on my sketching...chatted with passer byers - one woman literally fell in my lap (I was on a curb mind you).  She was cycling with her husband and just got new shoe holder things on the pedals...they went to stop at the corner I was at and she couldn't get her foot out - BAM, down she went right in my lap.  She was banged up pretty good, I was fine.  My biggest supporter, my husband Mark, came to meet me for lunch there.  He had no idea what I was up to but I texted him to meet me in Old Town I was trying to generate a FL-Art.  You can only imagine his confusion...but he showed up!  WE had a great lunch - I rode most of the way back to his work and then continued on down the road with my paints in my saddle bags!  Great day.  Maybe next time someone will show up!
old town Fl-art mob 2011 - solo
Anyways, thanks for stopping and letting me share with all you talented Sunday Sketchers!!! Thanks to Sophia for hosting!!!  Let me know if you try a Fl-art...thanks to those of you that knew I was going out and would have been there if you lived here!!!!
cheers, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN...couldn't have done this on too many corners on this earth!

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FL - trying to generate a Flash-Art Mob

Posted on Facebook...flash art mob noon today!  Corner of Turner and Grand River in Old Town Lansing, MI.  It will probably be me and just me BUT I am taking some extra supplies in case someone wants to join in!  My friend Jen (who is an artist but won't admit it) may show up!  Hope so...otherwise, just a fun adventure and who knows.... Bags are packed and I am off !
Better than those gang mobs that rob people.... Start a Fl-art in your area...Check later today and I'll let you know how it goes!
cheers, dana
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