Saturday, July 30, 2011

Faerie Shoe Swap...magical fun

I was lucky and got my package early!!!  Today is the day for the official completion of the FAERIE SHOE SWAP hosted by Wendy at Blissangels!!!!  What fun.  As you know my granddaughter was here last weekend SO she got to see and help with the package I was sending AND open the box from JoAnne, at Vintage Dragon Fly, that I received in the swap.  She was sooooooooooo excited.  We carefully opened the box and a beautiful vintage shoe was unveiled.  A deep creamy blue patterned shoe with lace, pearls, and two of my most favorite things...a cameo - a lovely faery resting on a fern...and a pearl beaded hatpin!!!!  How did she know I love cameo's...cosmic!!!!  Isn't it lovely!!! I have hung it over my art-table and am counting on the faery magic that comes with it to inspire my work!!!

all things I love, ticket stubs...faeries and dreams!!!

 I love JoAnne's business card...look at my blog header...again cosmic!!!  I will use all of these in future pieces of work...the faery dust shall be saved for a special occassion.  Please visit JoAnne's blog...and Wendy's....again,
this was a fun swap and I hope JoAnne enjoys her package as much as I did mine!

cheers, dana
make art, make friends - share art, share souls!


craftattack said...

You sure received some beautiful things, and that shoe is priceless! Valerie

JoAnne said...

I'm so happy you liked your shoe Dana. It was a pleasure swapping with you!

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