Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!!!!

Will fresh back from a much needed vacation. I tried posting but could not figure out my tablet to get it done! So today joining in with Natasha May's Art World Halloween Party! Love her spooky girls!... So Mark and I were at the biggest Halloween Party ever for vacation, FANTASY FEST IN KEY WEST Florida!!! WOW, WOW, and OMG, OMG is all we kept saying!!! I have some crazy pictures on my facebook page and that was the mild stuff! I felt amazingly free and creative while there... hummmmm, need to go more often! Here is my Fantasy Fest inspired girl:

Fantasy Fest Girl



and then to be in the spirit I sketched out "bewitched" on a journal page that I used          to clean brushes off... I love her!

                        and one of the street partiers really fits here as soon will be the day of the dead to be celebrated:
So HAPPY HAUNTING - STAY SAFE BUT HAVE FUN! Thanks to Natasha for hosting our trick or treat!

cheers, dana
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all work copyright Dana Strickland/Sinderells's Studio 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

fantasy fest 2012

> make art, make friends - share art, share souls checkout my fb page because I can't figure out how to get my picture of the page onto my tab!!! frustrating!

Friday, October 12, 2012

PPF and motivation

You are A "rock" Star
We have created  Motivational Monday at work.  It will last to just about Thanksgiving.  Each optician within our district of  the company passes something inspirational-motivational out to each of our 5 locations to share!  That optician then picks the next person to take charge of Motivational Monday.  So, this upcoming Monday is my turn and I spent my day off yesterday getting ready.  I believe that inspiration/motivation can have huge impact on individuals.  I worked for a motivation speaker for 12 years and his teachings gave me skills that are part of my successes!  I hope that these tangible sayings give people a moment to pause, think, smile and improve!
You are A Star is painted on the rock!  Rock Star, get it!  and the ATC says, Positively ROCK your World
on the back I have written:
Positive Appearance, Attitude and Performance = Positive Experience for YOU & OTHERS!

  Sophie and Ollie patiently waited while I worked on this project most of the day.
Have a great weekend and fun checking out all the incredible art at Paint Party Friday!  Thanks to Kristin and Eva for hosting!

cheers, dana
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

LOVE IS . . .

Love is... when your husband takes your art out of the trash - puts it together and hangs it in the
living room!!!

If you have been with me for awhile you will remember that in June of 2011 my husband and I participated in Scrapfest lead by one of our artist friends.  It is an annual event where you run through a scrapyard pick your scraps and create a sculpture. We were part of a team of 5 and it was an incredible experience.  While we were working like madmen in our garage after work every night (we had 2 weeks to complete the task) we generated a lot of onlookers.  I had made a poster for the end of the driveway signifying what we were doing!  Throughout the process I took a lot of pics and we had pieces of metal leftover from cut outs that I used for some of the pics!

When the event ended, my husband and were left with the chaos and some of it I just couldn't toss out.  ( I do have a problem with that )  My plan was to have Mark (the said my husband) rivet the poster to one of the metal cut outs to be hung in the garage in remembrance of the experience.  Somehow, more than a year has gone by and the pieces were still sitting on the landing in the garage. So, a week ago, he asks me what am I doing with this stuff?  Hummmm, well, I thought the plan was blah blah blah but I guess not.  He went back into the house and I stood there staring at my kooky treasures.  I picked it up and took it to the dumpster.  I didn't say a word.  I figured he wouldn't even notice.  I knew he would notice it was gone but assumed he would think I put in the basement or somewhere in my room of art chaos!

Trash day had come and gone - I didn't think another thing of it!  Yesterday I come home from work and hanging on our living room wall is my trash!  You have got to love a guy that understands the depths of your soul!!!!  I never saw it removed from the garbage... or him working to put it together!  XXOO!!!

Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches!!!!!  Can't wait to see all the art!

cheers, dana
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Monday, October 1, 2012

wow.... Blogtoberfest ...

I would so love to participate in BlogtoberFest but know that I will not be able to post everyday.  So I decided not to torture myself with guilt by signing up and then falling short of the task.  It looks incredible though.  I do plan on checking out some of the post and just enjoying my new finds!

Today though, I want to show you my finished wreath!  We have friends that just purchased their first home and they are hosting a Halloween / House Warming party.  So this is a gift to help celebrate!  I am also labeling a pitcher for their "blood" bar - AB+ blood of Sir Cran of Berry... so 2 jugs of cranberry juice a 5th of Vodka and wha-lah!

We will be unable to attend as we'll be finishing up our vacation in the Keys!!!  The vampire themed party will be a blast I am sure! 
Enjoy your travels through blogland!  and this incredible October - here in Michigan the colors are changing, the air is fresh, and the night sky mesmerizing!

cheers, dana
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