Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please leave your PM blogparty available...& traveling POST CARD update!

I am quite sure that it will be awhile before I am able to visit all the participants... sooooooooooooooo please leave your post up - make a button to go to that day - seeing that I am not computer savvy, I'm not sure if that is the best way - BUT it's a way!!!!

UPDATE ON THE GIANT TRAVELING POST CARD... it is one the move from Anna in sunny CA to Wendy in - yet, again, sunny GA.  It is kind of crazy but my husband happens to be working in Wendy's hometown this week!  He is working with his teammates at RSR running the Jaguar car for the 10 hr. petite  
le man.  And yes, more crazy - Wendy's husband is going to the race.  Small world cosmic connection here!

Hope you follow and see the end result of our collective efforts!
cheers, dana

ps.  I have lost my mind - I have decided to join Anna's next blog party - a Halloween Tea Party!  I don't even drink tea - really!  check out her button for details

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a PARTY...

I know I will be visiting Practical Magic sites for days...every single blog I have gone to is fabulous.  That sounds soooooooooo ordinary for such EXTRAORDINARY work!  The photography, the writing, the spellbooks, the music, the jewelry, the collection of magical pieces...I could go on and on!
I, personally, was very intimidated about doing this project.  I felt like my attempt would be rather elementary in comparison to others.  I realized in the last few days of creating - that I wasn't doing it to be judged or compete... it was for the experience and WOW it has been a pleasant one.
I know have to ask, what is my blog about???  I started this site to make myself DO ART.  I am a wanna-be artist.  What type of art???  Started out just trying to learn about the two years that I have been trying to become a blogger/artist; I have done altered art, ATC's, acrylics, learned about gel medium, pastels, and sooooooooo much more.  I am a dabbler in all and master of none.  I read once that your art blog should only display art!!!  Not talk about family, friends, pets, yadda yadda.  But as I continue to blog I realize I want to (and do) talk about my family, my friends, my dog, yadda yadda!  Does that mean I am not a true artist (wanna-be or not).  I also have rediscovered my sense of magic!  My mother definitely used white magic while I was growing up... we would sprinkle I don't know what in front of all our outer doors to keep evil spirits away. We would burn, again, I don't know what by the light of the moon. She has always been holistic even though she was a medical assistant.  She is a healer using energy work...she also had the most perfect little shop of beads.  Gemstone jewelry and metaphysical stones...the people that came to the shop we amazing.  She was a bit ahead of her time and location wasn't good.  It was just a break even operation and finally after 5 years we decided to close her doors.  I now some 25 years later wish we hadn't done that.  She was most happy those 5 years.  So, I guess I am asking - can I mix all this together and keep posting???  Can I put some magic conversation into learning more about art?  Is it okay to be a wanna-be in a world where most visitors are "artist" whether it be through writing or paint & glue. 
My Sunday morning thoughts as I sip my coffee and look out my window to the world.  The sun casting great shadows from the tall pines!  I am in a dreamy state of mind!
cheers, dana

Friday, September 24, 2010

PRACTICAL MAGIC... here at Sinderella's Studio

 The most beautiful house has magic within,
                                                  Each generation learns and it begins.

                      Although the Owens' women are shunned by the town,
                      When looking for love, the Owen's door is soon found.

                      From the book of spells, magic is cast.
                      The words that are spoken have power to last!

As the next generation comes into their own,
From this small town one of the girl's shall roam.

The other finds love & has two girls to continue the craft.
But the death-watch beetle crushes her husband's lifes path.

The wild sister, Gillie, does return to this home.
But she brings with her evil that has never been known!

The Aunties' do leave but protect the little ones,
As the sisters' must decide how magic is truly done.

With the dark spirit set deep in the dirt,
A sheriff shows up and creates an alert!

  Murder is whispered to fill the air,
 Answer his questions; do they dare?

 As the mystery of Jimmie continues to grow,
 Boots in the garden are starting to show!

The spirit emerges and works for Gillian's soul,
In her body, Jimmie fights to take control!

The spirit is out & the sheriff's badge has power,
His shield touched by Sally protects them this hour.

The evil inside Gillie must be stopped!
More women are needed to make this spirit drop.

The Aunties' return & towns women do yearn,
To be in the house where magic is learned.

So a circle is formed, brooms in hand.
The chant begins and the evil spirit is banned!!!

Life in this town goes on as before,
And on love, Sally closes the door.

Finally, the moon shows Sally the light;
So she softly sends a spell off into the night.

The sheriff returns for their love to stand,
Now that the death-watch beetle does not rule the land.

The curse now broken; magic lives on in this town,
Now a jump from the roof top draws applause from all around!!!

CHEERS, dana
thanks for sharing the movie!!!!  hugs to Anna & Justina for hosting this magical event!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Thanks to Connie's tutorial at Living Beautifully - I got the button BUT now how do I shrink it?????


As I prepare for the Practical Magic blog party - I am trying to add the Halloween countdown button - and having absolutely NO LUCK.  I am using the add gadget - going to Picture and pasting in the http address - it keeps asking me for the specific image ---WHAT AM I DOING WRONG.
Your computer challenged blogger.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I CAN'T BELIEVE ANOTHER WEEK HAS GONE BY... I am still re-grouping from the art show.
As the season is definitely changing I would like to share my watercolor "Island House".
This was on display during the artists by the lake gathering.  It makes my smile every time I look at it and know that whoever buys it will feel the same joy! (please excuse my poor photographic work)

A Place to Roost - so sad to see summer go!
watercolor- pencil- ink
So, here's to Saturday's that make us smile pink in our shared world!

Please visit: Incipent Wings - be sure to read her moving post from 9-14 and enjoy the beautiful art that accompanies it - as well as her fun Pink Saturday.

Thanks again, to Beverly for being such a great hostess with the mostest.
cheers, dana

Monday, September 13, 2010


all the artists' - a champagne toast at our opening bell!
Yesterday was my 2nd Annual Artists' by the Lake event!  What a success - check out all the photos on my facebook page.  I do no advertising, just postcards to those that came last year - and some friends/family.  We count on the walkers and drive by traffic.  So - no enter fee - just bring your work to share!!!  We always sell and make new friends!  It was a perfect day - a bit windy so things were crashing periodically - but all in all, couldn't ask for a better day!   (p.s. - the traveling postcard is on the move to stop #3 !!!)
me and my mom, her jewelry was on display
shoppers out and about!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

REMEMBRANCE...a moment of silence

In memory of those lost and in thanks for those still serving to protect us!

Pink Saturday in the Red, White and Blue!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I posted my wilting hibicus for my Pink Saturday post but it wasn't completed yet.  So, today, I finished this piece.  I like it!  Not perfect, for sure, but I kept working on it.  I need to really keep working on this mixed media art - and not stop doing true watercolor while I try figuring this all out.  I am not an artist - really - but I call myself one because "I create".  Like I am really a walk/jogger (plodder) but I say I am "a runner" - hey I am out there - are you????
cheers, dana

Friday, September 3, 2010

HAPPY PINK SATURDAY - and are you ready for some football???!!!

Such an exciting weekend - college football opens up AND it is a week until my art show gathering in the driveway!  Have so much going on and great art in the works from all the participants.  For PINK SATURDAY I was inspired by the huge hibicus down the street!  The neighborhood has soooooooooo many gorgeous flower beds - I feel like a stalker sometimes roaming up into yards that I don't know but just can't resist their flowers.
Here is my mixed media version of this glorious pink flower!
So here is to PINK and here is to ART - and the lovely friends we make sharing all of this!!!!
If you follow college football - may your team win - unless -
of course
you are playing U of M - Go Blue on Saturday too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you Beverly for being a great hostess!  Please visit Beverly and then all the Pink Saturday participants - pick anyone - they are all great blogs!  It is hard - each week I try to visit at least two!  then I get all mixed up on who is who!  It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!

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