Saturday, September 18, 2010


I CAN'T BELIEVE ANOTHER WEEK HAS GONE BY... I am still re-grouping from the art show.
As the season is definitely changing I would like to share my watercolor "Island House".
This was on display during the artists by the lake gathering.  It makes my smile every time I look at it and know that whoever buys it will feel the same joy! (please excuse my poor photographic work)

A Place to Roost - so sad to see summer go!
watercolor- pencil- ink
So, here's to Saturday's that make us smile pink in our shared world!

Please visit: Incipent Wings - be sure to read her moving post from 9-14 and enjoy the beautiful art that accompanies it - as well as her fun Pink Saturday.

Thanks again, to Beverly for being such a great hostess with the mostest.
cheers, dana


Jingle said...

Happy Pink Saturday!
fabulous pinks!

donna said...

Hello..Thank you for your comment "so kind" are welcome to use the poem...bye for now

Kelly said...

What lovely drawings/paintings! It sounds like you had fun!

Penny said...

Great Pictures. That Bike looks like it waiting there for me - get yours and well take a short road trip.


Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Penny - you are on!!! I love road trips!

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