Friday, September 24, 2010

PRACTICAL MAGIC... here at Sinderella's Studio

 The most beautiful house has magic within,
                                                  Each generation learns and it begins.

                      Although the Owens' women are shunned by the town,
                      When looking for love, the Owen's door is soon found.

                      From the book of spells, magic is cast.
                      The words that are spoken have power to last!

As the next generation comes into their own,
From this small town one of the girl's shall roam.

The other finds love & has two girls to continue the craft.
But the death-watch beetle crushes her husband's lifes path.

The wild sister, Gillie, does return to this home.
But she brings with her evil that has never been known!

The Aunties' do leave but protect the little ones,
As the sisters' must decide how magic is truly done.

With the dark spirit set deep in the dirt,
A sheriff shows up and creates an alert!

  Murder is whispered to fill the air,
 Answer his questions; do they dare?

 As the mystery of Jimmie continues to grow,
 Boots in the garden are starting to show!

The spirit emerges and works for Gillian's soul,
In her body, Jimmie fights to take control!

The spirit is out & the sheriff's badge has power,
His shield touched by Sally protects them this hour.

The evil inside Gillie must be stopped!
More women are needed to make this spirit drop.

The Aunties' return & towns women do yearn,
To be in the house where magic is learned.

So a circle is formed, brooms in hand.
The chant begins and the evil spirit is banned!!!

Life in this town goes on as before,
And on love, Sally closes the door.

Finally, the moon shows Sally the light;
So she softly sends a spell off into the night.

The sheriff returns for their love to stand,
Now that the death-watch beetle does not rule the land.

The curse now broken; magic lives on in this town,
Now a jump from the roof top draws applause from all around!!!

CHEERS, dana
thanks for sharing the movie!!!!  hugs to Anna & Justina for hosting this magical event!!!!!!!!!


Incipient Wings said...

LOL!! how lovely!!!!!!! youre awesome Dana! i loved it, thank you!!

Willow Silverhorse said...

How cool! That was really awesome! I'm also a fellow partier and I have to admit I didn't put as much thought into mine as you did lol...

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Fantastic party post, thanks so much for sharing your poetry with us all :D

Jo said...

Bravo!!! Great party post!

Kelly said...

ha! Great post. I love the picture of the boots sticking out of the dirt!! :D

Samantha Marshall said...

Beautiful-well done for jumping off the roof;)

BLISS angels said...

Dina love it the boots in the ground.. lol happy spells Wendy at blissangels

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love the last pic!!! you could use my sally's umbrella!

Sara said...

This is a great post... and love the witch at the end. :) xx

Anna @ Frosted Petunias said...

Oh my goodness Dana I LOVE your post!! Your words and the pics just made me smile. Oh and those boots!! Don't you hate it when dead boyfriends won't stay buried? I want to come over and jump off the balcony with you, lol! Thanks for coming to our party!! You are awesome!


Shayleah said...

I enjoyed reading your poem and loved the photos too! So much fun! :D

The Ice Princess said...

What fun you must have had creating your post! :)

jasmoon-butterfly said...

Great story & was fun thank you
love & light
Trace x

Penny said...

your post was awesome. I loved your poem and your picture tickled my fancy. Take a well deserved bow.

Brightest Blessings,

Designs by Blanche said...

How delightful!
Thanks for sharing the little bit of witch in you!


Valerie Hart said...

Hi Dana! What a lovely post! I wanted to see the video of you floating down after you leaped off the roof top! LOL! So much fun visiting all of these blogs for our Practical Magic party!

Lots of magical wishes, dreams and blessings to you and your family!

xoxo Valerie

Kelli said...

just wonderful! I love your post!

Come on over and sit a spell

Maggie said...

This is awesome! Love it!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hope you Have a Happy week!

JoAnne said...

Simply wonderful PM post! Hope you'll stop by for a visit and enter my Halloween giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday,Thank you for sharing..Health,

Michelle Cummings said...

What a wonderful post! Love all your wicked delights! I hope you'll come "fly" over to my blog and see what I have been brewing!

Elysian Field Originals said...

Wonderful party post! Brightest Blessings!

Scrap Vamp said...

Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog party! your poem was fabulous! I hope you'll visit me, too!

~Onreeone~ said...

Love the PM Post...Did you really jump? LOL

annabelle said...

Oh, how cute and funny and so very touching....thank you.Luv the last picture and poem.Beautiful beautiful post.
* *

Lenora said...

Creative and wonderful post! Magical Post -We are still flying around looking at the 200 some odd parties, havent yet made them all! - what fun! Ours will still be up at ! Practical Magic - How To Make A Magic Wand

Anonymous said...

What a lovely rendering of the movie! Great job! Happy (on-going) Practical Magic Blog Party!

Susan said...


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