Sunday, December 2, 2012

WOW, DECEMBER.... really???????????

First, I can't believe it has been sooooooooooooooo long since I have posted.   Lots of things going on and the outcomes were all WONDERFUL.  My husband successfully completed radiation treatment, got our numbers back and they are awesome!  I had two minor procedures and all pathology reports were GREAT.  So now back to the daily business and celebrating our health!

I have been viewing art and reading about Flora Bowley.  Her retreat sounds incredible and maybe next year something I will try to do if it's offered.  It's on my want list anyway.    I have always tried to produce art - but my most favorite pieces that I've done were out of emotion and didn't follow the rules that I had in my head.  With all this in mind, a couple weeks ago I decided to start a painting for my grandson Mason's room. 
His mom just said something nautical please.  Mason is three and, of course, adorable. 

 I was going to draw out my tracing paper and transfer my drawing - and start a watercolor.  BRAIN SAID STOP.... expand your comfort zone!  FEEL THE doesn't need to be neat and tidy.  Read some more Flora... be inspired - just put on the paint...Okay - I hear ya!!!!  So, I had this big canvas that I bought and have stared at all summer!  Here we go!

Step one - big brush (Sanford Birdsey always said BIG BRUSH) randomly stroked some paint on - no need to cover canvas all neat and tidy just throw some paint on.  I used this blue RUSTOLEUM that had kind of thickened and it was fun!!!  It took awhile to dry the paint was so thick.  I just looked at it for a few days thinking of how I wanted to draw my subject on the more Flora.... so just took a sponge brush and swirled in an outline with some patchie fill in.  Let it dry and looked at it for a couple days.  I really only paint in the morning before I go to work, so it's not like I have a big block of time.  I am NOT a get it done at night person.  Anyways the process continued like that - threw some more paint on with my hands.  Just sliding my fingers thru the paint and up and down the canvas - it felt so wonderful - like I was putting a part of me into Mason's painting.

I feel like this painting is mine, using the techniques and inspiration from Flora Bowley's book: Brave Intuitive Painting.

the m.a.w. is supposed to look carved into the boat, Mason date of birth -the painting is signed Grams in lower corner
On the cover of the book it states: techniques for uncovering your own unique painting style.  let go. be bold. unfold.  I feel like that is what happened in creating my nautical sock monkey.  I let go, I was bold for me and the painting seemed to unfold right before my very eyes.  You don't look at this and say that is a Flora Bowley painting. 
Although this year has been rocky.... I have learned alot!!! Thanks to my artistic connections thru blogland!!!! Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches... I hope you check everyone out and Alexandra's etsy shop too!
 Hugs to you all! 

Ahoy mating! dana

all work copyright dana strickland/sinderella's studio 2012