Thursday, November 20, 2008

Art on the Streets

My Key West Trip. . .
November 1st landed in Ft. Lauderdale - sunny and balmy warm! I spent a fun afternoon with my brother who lives there and got on the road to Key West early Sunday morning. Arriving on the island early afternoon - got to my bed and breakfast ( The Popular House - OMG - they were great!) and settled in. 6 pm was the time to meet my instructor, Sandford Birdsey, and the other students. It was a small gather of ten students, some spouses and local artists! Sandford greeted us all and gave us an overview of the week ahead. We all shared some great wine and food to get ready. The next five days we met at 9 a.m. to go to a corner on Key West and paint a location of Sandford’s choice. We were all over the sidewalks, painting, listening, critiquing - it was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot, met some great people that I will stay in contact with hopefully for many years!
My wish for all of you, my customers & friends. . . that you take time out and find the time to pursue a passion. That you will be selfish and take a trip that is just for you and enjoy it without guilt! Wow, it is amazing!
The two quotes I will take with me daily :
“If you make a mistake, make a big one so everyone thinks you did it on purpose!” And, “Treat yourself with respect and importance, treat your art with respect and importance! Make time for both yourself and your art!”
Sandford Birdsey - she is a recognized Watercolorist and a remarkable woman - check her out at:
The picture up top is my painting of Blue Heaven restaurant in Bahama Village. The other is of Sandford, me, my new friends from Quebec City - Claudette and Louis! This was at our end of week gallery showing at Simonton Court - beautiful.

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Spangler-Robbins Family said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time!! We are leaving on Sunday for St. Maarten for a family trip...will share pics when we get home. xo A