Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Children and Christmas

Well with 5 grandkids and a sixth on the way - this is an exciting time of year. Two of my grandkids had birthdays on the 15th; Jackson turned the big 5 and Cameron turned 3!!! Today the 23rd is also Vicki's birthday, Mark's step mom who passed away this March, we will be having our annual toast of Kahlua for her this evening! It's funny how much you miss people that made you crazy when they were here. Then my oldest son, Alex, turned 26 on the 20th - he thinks he is sooooooooooo old. I actually got to spend his birthday with him this year and just loved our time. His birth was quite an event so I wrote him the following poem for his special day:

T’was the night before ALEX and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.
I sat at the table, phone in my hand;
crying to Grandma, “When will this baby land?”
Your Dad was out having beers with the boys,
he stumbled in late and had his football toys.
I was still sitting a tearful wreck,
yelling and screaming, “What the heck?”
His head hit the pillow, I watched the clock tick.
Til my belly started stretching and you gave me a kick!
Up the stairs yelling, “It’s time to go!”
Your Dad still tipsy moved ever so slow.
Stop just a minute he needed to shower,
I sat on the sofa, “Come on it’s the hour!!!”
We raced through the snow to our hospital room,
and now the pain started, I asked, “How long will this loom?”
Sixteen hours later your cute head popped out,
with tears in our eyes we gave a joyful shout!
My how you’ve grown,
Twenty six years later you still make me beam!!!
Love, mom

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Phil said...

Dana, soo Very nice.....by the time I was finished I had tears in my eyes.....must be hopelessly sentimental. Made me think about experiencing the birth of our two children. (-: Phil Nicolay