Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yep, it's SUNDAY...sketches and challenge

As always, I did not get all done that I planned!  BUT I did make headway!!!  I am hoping the nice people at the sketchbook challenge will let me count my Sunday Sketches that I have been working on.  Still not done but have moved forward.  Thanks to Sophia for hosting Sunday Sketches, I am always soooooooooo inspired by the work posted there, please visit!
my "highly prized" granddaughter, Cloee, a butterfly at 18 mths.
The original, as I showed you a few weeks ago was a journal page entry; the essence of pink!  She truly is a pink girl!!!  As  you can see, I still have the grid lines that I did to be able to enlarge the painting.  I had planned on staying true to watercolors only BUT used cheap thin paper and needed to add some white acrylic to get it to work.  Will probably grundge or collage the background now that it is now longer pure watercolor. It is not perfect but I am happy with my progress.  I put quotes around the Highly Prized as that is the January theme over at the Sketchbook Challenge - hope this qualifies today even though it is not in my book.  I have another sketch started in my journal but not done yet!  Please visit Sue Bleiwess and her fellow artists' to join in!!!  Today Diane Trout is being featured!

AND, I absolutely must share this tribute to a GRAND DAME...SANFORD BIRDSEY - shared with me thankfully by another Key West artist, Wanda Simmen!

I went back in my email to send you this little Smilebox for Sandford. True to herself until the end, her wishes were a parade from her studio to the harbor - complete with Junkaroos, then sailing into the sunset on the Sebago catamarans (they had to take two out due to the number of people) and scattering her ashes at sea. She always said she wanted to wash up on the tourists at the Pier House. One of her friends is putting together a memoir of Sandford. If it comes about, I'll definitely let you know.
All tributes should be this soulful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make art, make friends - share art, share souls!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Sketches AND Sketchbook Challenge

Okay - two Sundays ago, for Sunday Sketches, I shared a journal page painting I had done of my granddaughter when she was about 18 mths. as a butterfly on Halloween.  I had decided to redo the painting on a larger scale and drew up a grid to accomplish that.  I have not done this before so am pretty proud of myself for trying something with a plan... instead of my normal dive in and go to fast.  Anyways, I haven't gotten very far - it's been a busy start to the new year BUT I am committed to progress with my pursuit of improving!!!  I am sharing what I have done this week and hope to complete the painting before next Sunday!!!  Thanks to Sophia for hosting such a great venue!!! Please visit and see the excellent work!

still working on the face - obviously
Then, two weeks ago, I also decided to participate in the Sketchbook Challenge.  It just felt like it was the right combination for me along with Sunday Sketches.  The theme for January is "Highly Prized".  So, my granddaughter is definitely going to show up finished for that but I have simple things in life that I consider, Highly Prized!!!  My morning solitude time.  I get up, get my coffee and snuggle under my blanket in a cozy chair by the window into our yard.  I sit and watch the birds, rabbits and squirrels scurry around the yard and feeders.  It gives me time to clear my head and plan for the day.  So, here is my journal entry for the sketchbook challenge - more to come for the monthly theme.  Check the challenge out for yourself!!!

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK...make art, make friends - send art, share souls!!!
cheers, dana

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am saddened by the passing of a great woman & artist

Sandford Birdsey was an artist, en plein air, known internationally.  I have written about my experience with her in 2008 while painting Key West.  As my husband and I were planning a visit in two weeks - I had planned on stopping at her studio - I have gone by that studio every time I've been to Key West!  Our plans were changed yesterday - Mark can't make the trip.  We talked about me going just to paint with Sandford again.  I saw her last January and knew she had been sick so sent an inquiry.  She had passed away September 7th, 2010.  I sat head in hands and cried - what a loss.  She was 85 so, yes, it must have been her time.  I guess I am selfishly sad - she taught me so much about myself in that short week of painting.

my favorite place to run by while in Key West - her studio
I was first drawn to Sandford and her work while visiting Key West in the early 90's !!!

make art - make friends - my painting with her was a trip of a lifetime!!!  I thank her profoundly!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011- sooooooooooo many things to do!!!

I have committed this year to an art journal / sketch book to carry and enter at least weekly.  I have also gotten yet another art book for watercolor - BUT GUESS WHAT, this year I plan on reading it, doing the exercises and becoming better at the medium I love!!!  So today - my first journal page...

I truly believe that with the additional inspiration from SUNDAY SKETCHES that I can and will become the new me I want to be!!!

My first task is to redo this sketch / painting I did of one of our granddaughters.  I did this Feb. 2009 and had never really tried to do a person before but this is one of my favorite pictures of her and she is the essence of PINK.  One of the first lessons in the book I am studying talks about enlarging things you want to paint.  Grids are used to break the subject matter down into bit size pieces - so instead of being intimidated by the task - you actually tackle it!!!!  I know this is basic 101 but since I am not a trained artist - this really hit home with me.  So, this week - I will be working to finish this for next Sunday's SS.  

Thanks for visiting.
cheers, dana
make art - make friends - send art - share souls 
p.s. I plan to be a better rider too!!!  Just getting on a bike in late September didn't leave my much learning time in Michigan - but got my bike out for 1-1-11 and took a short spin!!!

Baby, it's cold outside!!!!