Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am saddened by the passing of a great woman & artist

Sandford Birdsey was an artist, en plein air, known internationally.  I have written about my experience with her in 2008 while painting Key West.  As my husband and I were planning a visit in two weeks - I had planned on stopping at her studio - I have gone by that studio every time I've been to Key West!  Our plans were changed yesterday - Mark can't make the trip.  We talked about me going just to paint with Sandford again.  I saw her last January and knew she had been sick so sent an inquiry.  She had passed away September 7th, 2010.  I sat head in hands and cried - what a loss.  She was 85 so, yes, it must have been her time.  I guess I am selfishly sad - she taught me so much about myself in that short week of painting.

my favorite place to run by while in Key West - her studio
I was first drawn to Sandford and her work while visiting Key West in the early 90's !!!

make art - make friends - my painting with her was a trip of a lifetime!!!  I thank her profoundly!


Penny said...

My condolences at the loss of your friend and mentor.


Sandi said...

A lovely post to honour your friend.

Ann said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss! Such a shock for you..maybe more so since it was in September and you just found out. No, I don't think you are one wants to loose someone they care about..we want to keep them around us forever. Your friend will be around through your memories and art. My condolences to you..may your memories of this wonderful person bring you comfort .
with love,Ann

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

thank you dear friends!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Dana, I am so sorry to hear of your loss...I can't even imagine how amazing it was to paint with her...Somehow, I have a feeling that she is watching over and inspiring your art....I pray that your memories of her will stay in your heart forever.

Simply Debbie said...

Dear Dana,
I came by to tell you hello and catch up on your posts and I am so very sorry about your friend and mentor,Ms.Sanford. It matters not the age when people pass, it is the finality that you will not paint with her again until your in heaven. What an honor and joy it must have been for you to paint with her and I know she is looking after you and cheering you to carry the paint brush on.
My prayers and hugs are with you.
Simply Debbie