Monday, April 26, 2010


Okay - tomorrow I am off.  I need to complete my piece for the Dream Girls silent auction for the Womens Center of Greater Lansing.  I am hoping my creative mojo is in gear!!!  This weekend was busy with family and friends.  Check out my facebook to see my youngest, Ben, in action at the fire academy!!!  Signs of warmer weather are everywhere as the trees are blossoming and the birds are chirping early!  So as nature gets in gear - I better too!  The titles I am pondering for my project are:
Take Flight - my whimsical waterlily with sparkling princess fairy - or creating a piece around the quote, "bloom where you are planted" -author unknown - or a piece I have envisioned but not started (scary) "If you are all wrapped up in yourself, you are overdressed" -Kate Halverson.  All three seem appropriate to the cause.  I guess I will see where my paintbrush takes me.  If you have an opinion on which I should focus - please let me know.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sinderella paints and more

The name, Sinderella's Studio comes from my "want to be" state of mind.  I'm a tomboy that wants to be a princess, a Sunday painter that wants to be an artist, a keeper of thoughts on scraps of paper that wants to be a writer, a jogger that wants to be a runner, a person that looks at dirt but wants a magnificent garden - you get the idea.  I have beautiful images of canvas, household rooms, clothing and a yard that somehow get lost in my reality.  I never seem to get to the end.  Did I mention I'm a procrastinator that has little patience. 
So, in building this blog, I want it to be beautifully artistic but need to patiently tackle the task of learning the "how to's" of blogging - verses - to just keep typing.  Same with my paintings that I've started and failed to finish, my mosiacs sitting ungrouted, packages of seeds unplanted.  In 2000, I completed a marathon, 26.2 miles!!!!  It was a year of disciplined training - it was an achievement that was not possible without weekly effort.  Procrastination was NOT an option.  To get to my next level as someone entering the artistic cirle of life - procrastination and ignorance are no longer tolerable!  I must educate myself - practice - trial and error - all on my way to achievement.
As you watch this blog change understand that the house around it will be changing too!  One painting, one potholder, one patch of dirt at a time!!!


Monday, April 19, 2010


This is a bowl of color in my art studio (I've decided I need to start calling it my studio rather than art "room"). I have mosaic tiles in jars, bowls of ribbons and buttons and on and on! As I approach my 100th post I have been inspired by Penny to really learn how to blog!!! I love Karyn's blog and would like to be more proactive and artsy with my blog! So, Penny, as we jump in - become talented bloggers I hope that we both pick up some followers along the way! If you paint, knit, mosaic, collage or just plain color - please leave a comment - direct me to your blog - share your blogging tips! Let's watch my studio grow!!!!!!!!!!!! After all, it is spring - time to plant!
Make a great day - share a smile.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am in the mode of seeking treasures... well, Mark says junk (more junk), I say treasures. I love buttons and years ago wanted to start a mail order button catalog - should have done it!!! Oh well, it's in my shoulda - coulda- box of ideas! Anyways - SEND ME YOUR OLD BUTTONS!!! Please, any that you have shoved away and know you'll never use! Purge your sewing machine drawers - stash of buttons that came with sweaters that you threw away because they were missing buttons and you couldn't find the extra matching ones that came with them - in your junk drawers (you know the buttons you meant to put back on clothing but never did).
Can't wait to see what comes my way!
Smile and MAKE a great day! dana

Monday, April 5, 2010


here it comes girls!!! You will be recieving a package in the mail - it includes just a blank piece of
card stock to be decorated by YOU. It is to become a bookmark! The idea is to use only things you already have, sort of a recycling project. As plain or as fancy as you choose to get. THEN - find an old book - can't be new - send /put with it! I have also enclosed a full size piece of card stock - again for you to embellish and include some of your favorite photos of our past gatherings and/or updates of your household! I know we have all expanded! I will be copying those so we can all have a booklet! You have 4 weeks to complete your project ...hopefully we will be able to find a day on all of our schedules to get together to share a dish to pass and some wine (of course). If all else fails - you will send your packet back to me and I will draw names to send them back out randomly - so no one knows what they are getting.
Don't procrastinate - 4 weeks goes by fast!!! Happy spring!
love, me