Monday, April 5, 2010


here it comes girls!!! You will be recieving a package in the mail - it includes just a blank piece of
card stock to be decorated by YOU. It is to become a bookmark! The idea is to use only things you already have, sort of a recycling project. As plain or as fancy as you choose to get. THEN - find an old book - can't be new - send /put with it! I have also enclosed a full size piece of card stock - again for you to embellish and include some of your favorite photos of our past gatherings and/or updates of your household! I know we have all expanded! I will be copying those so we can all have a booklet! You have 4 weeks to complete your project ...hopefully we will be able to find a day on all of our schedules to get together to share a dish to pass and some wine (of course). If all else fails - you will send your packet back to me and I will draw names to send them back out randomly - so no one knows what they are getting.
Don't procrastinate - 4 weeks goes by fast!!! Happy spring!
love, me

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