Friday, May 10, 2013

Liberate Your Art Swap 2013

Once again it was a joy to go to the mailbox each day in anticipation of receiving MORE ART!!!  Thanks to Kat Sloma for hosting such an awesome event!  This is my second year participating and I am looking forward to 2014 already.  Thinking - first year I did separate postcards of original artwork; this year a favorite photograph I took out my kitchen window.... humm - time to think and create to see what 2014 brings!

2013 Liberate Your Art
Each card came with special hidden meanings attached.  The first card was from Jo in New Zealand!  Oddly, my step-daughter was in New Zealand at that very same time.  In fact, when I first saw the card I thought it was from her.  Isn't that cosmic!  The scene is sooooooooo peaceful and Jaimie (said daughter) says the entire countryside is just like that - peaceful and beautiful.  Next came the beautiful photograph of a felted art piece by Caroyn, all the way from the UK - I love the water and felt the wash of the ocean as I held her piece.  love it!  Then  a soulful flower from Cindy in Phoenix, AZ.  I had been trying to find some flowers to photograph up close and personal for a painting - wha-lah - got it!  I am not sure if it is pollen dew or fairy glitter on the flower but love its softness!  From Amanda - and at this moment I don't know from where (again I procrastinated in contacting her to thank her for this wonderful piece), the island of Paradise.  Now, for any of you that visit regularly you know I am an island girl!!!  Key West is my personal paradise and I so hope to someday live there on a houseboat!  This card could not be more perfect for me!  Then a bouquet of tulips to light up my day!  These are from Deb - also from AZ, Chandler.  I see that she is just returning from what looks like an incredible trip to England!  Anyways the cosmic connection here besides my love of flowers is the name of her blog:  paperturtle!  I love love love turtles...I try to photograph them, watch them and had a small collection at one time.  They just mesmerize me!  So, double bonus!  Then, of course the serenity of Kat's postcard.... It is like meditating when you look into it!  absolutely LOVELY!

This is the postcard I sent out, he is a critter that visits our bird feeder on a regular basis - he just cracks me up!  I hope it made the recipients smile too!

The quote on the back is:  Life is short, make sure you LIVE it!  That is my mantra for this year and I close each post with it!
cheers and enjoy the hop!  Thanks Kat!