Sunday, April 27, 2014

Juliette Crane's BLISS course is exactly that!

Still don't have my supplies together or my work space cleared off BUT I am still participating!  Journals are buried - so I grabbed a piece of paper that I was paying bills from to do this mornings quick painting sketch.  I am doing a small block painting for one of my nephews and he wants a fox - good thing Juliette's characters included a fox!  I am working my way thru a video each morning...haven't figured out how to post on the facebook page or in the photo gallery - but I will have some time next weekend to try and figure all that out!

I can't explain how doing this morning exercise helps to start the day in a positive way.  You kind of get sucked into this peaceful place and your mind stops thinking life - and relaxes!  Then jump in the shower and go forward with a clear head!  This is therapy at its finest! (sort of like riding my Harley).

So here is my little fox:

journal page not in a journal, lol 
So, now the block piece I am sending to my great nephew Max...
What does the FOX say???
Hope he likes it, now to finish his brother's peacock! 
Thanks Juliette Crane for giving me BLISS !!!!

life is short, make sure you LIVE it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Morning Journaling

I have never been good at journaling.  I feel like I am not digging deep enough or am short sighted because I am not writing deep thought provoking prose.  This week starts an online class I am taking with Juliette Crane, BLISS.  I have not gotten my supply list together, I haven't cleared space in my art room to even put a scrap piece of paper down.  I am, as usual, totally unprepared BUT I am determined to follow and do the exercises, experience the art through this class.  I have decided the only way for me to do this is to get up and grab my paints. 

We have had an emotional couple weeks here with the death of two separate, I still decided I needed to get online and start.  I have only so far watched a couple of the intro videos ...AMAZING!!!  Yesterday after watching I scribbled a peacock in a random notebook on the desk.  Today I added some color.  No, not a masterpiece, but it's not intended to be.  Juliette says she starts everyday in her journal with a painting.  I have to tell you, both this morning and yesterday - with all that is going on - this was a beautiful release.  It also helped me find peace with the death of our friends.  They both suffered greatly and are in a better place. 

I have been running almost every morning since December1st of 2013 - to get myself back to my better self, physically and mentally.  I have added this morning painting to the process and shall continue to do so.

I am excited to really get going with Juliette's class - and if it takes my all week to get through the intros and finally get to lesson one then that's what it is.  Scrap paper, watercolor paper, real journal, notebook, whatever is in front of me shall take on this new process!  A new journey begins!!!!

prince of peace
Live is short - live it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Once again, Kat's swap brought joy to my mailbox!  This is my third year participating and it is so much fun going to the mailbox. . . no bills just beauty from around the globe! 

The first card top left is a beautiful photo of an old building with rocks and flowering weeds bringing it life!  It is from Sonya Versluys - her work amazing! 

Then a much needed shared cup of hot chocolate from Maddy at
Her card came on one of the many snowy days we had here in the never ending Michigan winter, made me smile!

The sunset skyline with small bird in the trees is so peaceful.  It has a soulful beauty from Vicki at

Once again another photo that gives you peace the minute you look at it!  boats out on the water with an amazing skyline!  from Dee Vlasak at Instagram

A shoreline pic of Lake Erie from the Ohio side of the water!  Love it, as I am from Michigan and have visited this shoreline my entire life!  Gorgeous!  from Shelley at

And of course from Kat herself!  Layered Autumn
I love getting Kat's postcard as the finally - it just pulls it altogether.  It is sad too because now you know it's done - over - complete - ahhhhhhh, but there is next year!

Hope those that received my A-moo-re enjoyed the love!

I took this photo while in New Mexico visiting my husband's dairy vet daughter.  This is NOT photo shopped.  They check cows for pregnancy - marking them with different colors for stage of pregnancy, twins and other things.  She checked 600 cows the day we were with her.  Wow, I have a totally different view of cows now - and the strength it takes to do what she does!

Like the card says:  live, laugh, love!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

back to blogging

I have been absent for quite some time and am hoping to get back into my artful zone.  My last post was of a painting that I did for my granddaughters and one I am most proud of!  It is difficult to find time to run, paint and blog with a full work schedule outside the home.  Last year wasn't my best and since December I have made true committment to myself physically and mentally to get back to being me.  Happy to say I am feeling great.

We have some very serious illness with close friends and family members that reminds you that life is short.   Do what makes you happy - because that in turn makes others happy too.  Celebrate the small things!  Be with the ones you love!

That in mind I will be posting the pics from the Liberate Your Art postcard swap of 2014, some scribbles and babbles about life and...want to share this:

Tracy Verdugo is an inspiration and I love love love her work.  I recently picked up the spring copy of Somerset Apprentice and she has a great how to article - I have her upcoming book on pre-order and have signed up for her retreat in Newburgh, Indiana 2015.  Now she is about to offer her first e-course, yes, I am on the mailing list to get the info! Visit her blog - check out her amazing work, and her inspirational mindset!

Off to put some paint on a canvas!  before jumping into the shower for work! 

Make a great day!  If you work on making your day, you will surely make someone else's.
cheers, dana,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Intuitive Painting

I have been reading - searching online - viewing art - dreaming of putting paint on the canvas - and then just starring at it. . .  for most of last year.  The age old dilemma of my work isn't that good so why do it?

Answer - because it makes ME HAPPY!!!!

So, with my book by Flora , I started  a large canvas for my granddaughters room - at the request of my daughter-in-law.  Dipping my fingers in the paint and with my new huge Sharpie marker that my husband had put in my Xmas stocking wrote the word Sisters on the canvas.  There, I started!  Then questioning myself I stared at it for quite awhile.  More inspiration and courage please.  Tracy Verdugo, more intuitive pushes.  I had no idea she started her work with words painted on the canvas.  Painted some more - put on my music, my art shirt my husband gave me, my fingerless gloves  my sister-in-law made me and my Harley bandanna!  Kooky but it works, puts me in a different place and the paint starts to flow.  Again, alittle stuck...sign up for Journal Soup with Kate Crane,, ahhhhh more paint goes down.  FINISHED.