Tuesday, April 15, 2014

back to blogging

I have been absent for quite some time and am hoping to get back into my artful zone.  My last post was of a painting that I did for my granddaughters and one I am most proud of!  It is difficult to find time to run, paint and blog with a full work schedule outside the home.  Last year wasn't my best and since December I have made true committment to myself physically and mentally to get back to being me.  Happy to say I am feeling great.

We have some very serious illness with close friends and family members that reminds you that life is short.   Do what makes you happy - because that in turn makes others happy too.  Celebrate the small things!  Be with the ones you love!

That in mind I will be posting the pics from the Liberate Your Art postcard swap of 2014, some scribbles and babbles about life and...want to share this:

Tracy Verdugo is an inspiration and I love love love her work.  I recently picked up the spring copy of Somerset Apprentice and she has a great how to article - I have her upcoming book on pre-order and have signed up for her retreat in Newburgh, Indiana 2015.  Now she is about to offer her first e-course, yes, I am on the mailing list to get the info! Visit her blog - check out her amazing work, and her inspirational mindset!


Off to put some paint on a canvas!  before jumping into the shower for work! 

Make a great day!  If you work on making your day, you will surely make someone else's.
cheers, dana,


Ann said...

welcome back!!!
you have been missed!!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

thanks you ar always so kind!