Monday, March 24, 2014

Intuitive Painting

I have been reading - searching online - viewing art - dreaming of putting paint on the canvas - and then just starring at it. . .  for most of last year.  The age old dilemma of my work isn't that good so why do it?

Answer - because it makes ME HAPPY!!!!

So, with my book by Flora , I started  a large canvas for my granddaughters room - at the request of my daughter-in-law.  Dipping my fingers in the paint and with my new huge Sharpie marker that my husband had put in my Xmas stocking wrote the word Sisters on the canvas.  There, I started!  Then questioning myself I stared at it for quite awhile.  More inspiration and courage please.  Tracy Verdugo, more intuitive pushes.  I had no idea she started her work with words painted on the canvas.  Painted some more - put on my music, my art shirt my husband gave me, my fingerless gloves  my sister-in-law made me and my Harley bandanna!  Kooky but it works, puts me in a different place and the paint starts to flow.  Again, alittle stuck...sign up for Journal Soup with Kate Crane,, ahhhhh more paint goes down.  FINISHED.