Sunday, December 2, 2012

WOW, DECEMBER.... really???????????

First, I can't believe it has been sooooooooooooooo long since I have posted.   Lots of things going on and the outcomes were all WONDERFUL.  My husband successfully completed radiation treatment, got our numbers back and they are awesome!  I had two minor procedures and all pathology reports were GREAT.  So now back to the daily business and celebrating our health!

I have been viewing art and reading about Flora Bowley.  Her retreat sounds incredible and maybe next year something I will try to do if it's offered.  It's on my want list anyway.    I have always tried to produce art - but my most favorite pieces that I've done were out of emotion and didn't follow the rules that I had in my head.  With all this in mind, a couple weeks ago I decided to start a painting for my grandson Mason's room. 
His mom just said something nautical please.  Mason is three and, of course, adorable. 

 I was going to draw out my tracing paper and transfer my drawing - and start a watercolor.  BRAIN SAID STOP.... expand your comfort zone!  FEEL THE doesn't need to be neat and tidy.  Read some more Flora... be inspired - just put on the paint...Okay - I hear ya!!!!  So, I had this big canvas that I bought and have stared at all summer!  Here we go!

Step one - big brush (Sanford Birdsey always said BIG BRUSH) randomly stroked some paint on - no need to cover canvas all neat and tidy just throw some paint on.  I used this blue RUSTOLEUM that had kind of thickened and it was fun!!!  It took awhile to dry the paint was so thick.  I just looked at it for a few days thinking of how I wanted to draw my subject on the more Flora.... so just took a sponge brush and swirled in an outline with some patchie fill in.  Let it dry and looked at it for a couple days.  I really only paint in the morning before I go to work, so it's not like I have a big block of time.  I am NOT a get it done at night person.  Anyways the process continued like that - threw some more paint on with my hands.  Just sliding my fingers thru the paint and up and down the canvas - it felt so wonderful - like I was putting a part of me into Mason's painting.

I feel like this painting is mine, using the techniques and inspiration from Flora Bowley's book: Brave Intuitive Painting.

the m.a.w. is supposed to look carved into the boat, Mason date of birth -the painting is signed Grams in lower corner
On the cover of the book it states: techniques for uncovering your own unique painting style.  let go. be bold. unfold.  I feel like that is what happened in creating my nautical sock monkey.  I let go, I was bold for me and the painting seemed to unfold right before my very eyes.  You don't look at this and say that is a Flora Bowley painting. 
Although this year has been rocky.... I have learned alot!!! Thanks to my artistic connections thru blogland!!!! Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches... I hope you check everyone out and Alexandra's etsy shop too!
 Hugs to you all! 

Ahoy mating! dana

all work copyright dana strickland/sinderella's studio 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

PPF and a busy life

So again, it's Paint Party Friday already and I haven't gotten done what I had planned.  Spent yesterday trying to find pictures of my oldest son who is turning  30!  OY.  My daughter in law is giving him a surprise party and wants a pic for every year.  I have boxes and boxes and boxes of photos - most undated and unorganized.  OMG what a task.  I have managed to get 24 yrs done.  I tried using Shutterbug or whatever it is called and was ready to smash my computer... so have copied to a disc and will be off to the do it yourself dept. after work tonight.

So, this morning just to make sure I started my day calmly... I tried a new coffee in my never ending quest for "the" one.  Although everytime I decide on "the" one, the next time I go to the store they aren't carrying it any longer! Another, OY.

sharing an older watercolor / pitt pen today
This morning Newman's Own, Nell's Vanilla Caramel.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  What is your favorite coffee????

Thanks to Eva and Kristin for hosting Paint Party Friday's!!!!  a great place to learn and be inspired!

cheers, dana
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Monday, November 5, 2012

monday madness because I missed Sunday Sketches

I was ready but then the days schedule changed and I never got back into the artroom... I am on a mission to be more organized.  My sons will tell you I have had that same mission their whole lives.  My youngest just celebrated his 25th birthday this past weekend and getting ready for my oldest to turn 30.... so I have been working on it for awhile!!! oy.

This weekend I started with put it away - or throw it away.... really forces you to take action.  This shall be my mantra all month so hoping for REAL progress. 

Planning my art time has got to improve as part of this process... So this was my post for yesterday's Sunday Sketches, my apologies to Alexandra for being late!  I want to add a pelican on the railing and haven't had time yet.... so that is on this weeks list of "get it done"!!!

journal page - sugar loaf key 2012

I know that everyone enjoyed their Sunday Sketches hopping and I shall catch up throughout the week!  Happy week everyone, don't forget (although how could you) to get out and vote tomorrow!!!!

cheers, dana
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Friday, November 2, 2012

PPF and more on our vacation...

I was so happy that I actually took out my journal on this trip... I always say I am going to paint or sketch or or or.... when we take vacation.  We get where we are going and this feeling of intimidation sets in and I don't want anyone peeking over my shoulder because they may "judge" what I am doing.  My husband doesn't count... he is a fair critic but once in awhile hurts my feelings alittle.  He is an engineer and doesn't get some of my painting from emotions.  Anyways... since my trip to Key West in 2008 and painting freely on the streets - be it not so good - in that environment (after a couple days ) I allowed myself to go with the flow... and on occassion have forced myself to do the same thing out and about at home.  This vacation I just felt so free.... I sat out on our little porch with passerby's and just keep sketching and having fun!  One morning on the beach with Hurrican Sandy winds wiping up the ocean - put on a jacket and set out with my pencils and so it went!  FABULOUS!!!!
So along with the craziness of Key West Fantasy Fest... I sketched this bird in keeping with the spirit of the island!

Fantasy Bird of Key West
Watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils and pitt pen!  sorry this pic is so bad - too much sand in my camera lens - it died and I just couldn't get a good one on my tab.

Today is also Dia de Los Muertos!  Please remember those you've lost and celebrate them!

Thanks to Eva and Kristin for hosting such a wonderful place in our crazy world!  Paint ON!!!

cheers, dana
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!!!!

Will fresh back from a much needed vacation. I tried posting but could not figure out my tablet to get it done! So today joining in with Natasha May's Art World Halloween Party! Love her spooky girls!... So Mark and I were at the biggest Halloween Party ever for vacation, FANTASY FEST IN KEY WEST Florida!!! WOW, WOW, and OMG, OMG is all we kept saying!!! I have some crazy pictures on my facebook page and that was the mild stuff! I felt amazingly free and creative while there... hummmmm, need to go more often! Here is my Fantasy Fest inspired girl:

Fantasy Fest Girl



and then to be in the spirit I sketched out "bewitched" on a journal page that I used          to clean brushes off... I love her!

                        and one of the street partiers really fits here as soon will be the day of the dead to be celebrated:
So HAPPY HAUNTING - STAY SAFE BUT HAVE FUN! Thanks to Natasha for hosting our trick or treat!

cheers, dana
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all work copyright Dana Strickland/Sinderells's Studio 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

fantasy fest 2012

> make art, make friends - share art, share souls checkout my fb page because I can't figure out how to get my picture of the page onto my tab!!! frustrating!

Friday, October 12, 2012

PPF and motivation

You are A "rock" Star
We have created  Motivational Monday at work.  It will last to just about Thanksgiving.  Each optician within our district of  the company passes something inspirational-motivational out to each of our 5 locations to share!  That optician then picks the next person to take charge of Motivational Monday.  So, this upcoming Monday is my turn and I spent my day off yesterday getting ready.  I believe that inspiration/motivation can have huge impact on individuals.  I worked for a motivation speaker for 12 years and his teachings gave me skills that are part of my successes!  I hope that these tangible sayings give people a moment to pause, think, smile and improve!
You are A Star is painted on the rock!  Rock Star, get it!  and the ATC says, Positively ROCK your World
on the back I have written:
Positive Appearance, Attitude and Performance = Positive Experience for YOU & OTHERS!

  Sophie and Ollie patiently waited while I worked on this project most of the day.
Have a great weekend and fun checking out all the incredible art at Paint Party Friday!  Thanks to Kristin and Eva for hosting!

cheers, dana
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

LOVE IS . . .

Love is... when your husband takes your art out of the trash - puts it together and hangs it in the
living room!!!

If you have been with me for awhile you will remember that in June of 2011 my husband and I participated in Scrapfest lead by one of our artist friends.  It is an annual event where you run through a scrapyard pick your scraps and create a sculpture. We were part of a team of 5 and it was an incredible experience.  While we were working like madmen in our garage after work every night (we had 2 weeks to complete the task) we generated a lot of onlookers.  I had made a poster for the end of the driveway signifying what we were doing!  Throughout the process I took a lot of pics and we had pieces of metal leftover from cut outs that I used for some of the pics!

When the event ended, my husband and were left with the chaos and some of it I just couldn't toss out.  ( I do have a problem with that )  My plan was to have Mark (the said my husband) rivet the poster to one of the metal cut outs to be hung in the garage in remembrance of the experience.  Somehow, more than a year has gone by and the pieces were still sitting on the landing in the garage. So, a week ago, he asks me what am I doing with this stuff?  Hummmm, well, I thought the plan was blah blah blah but I guess not.  He went back into the house and I stood there staring at my kooky treasures.  I picked it up and took it to the dumpster.  I didn't say a word.  I figured he wouldn't even notice.  I knew he would notice it was gone but assumed he would think I put in the basement or somewhere in my room of art chaos!

Trash day had come and gone - I didn't think another thing of it!  Yesterday I come home from work and hanging on our living room wall is my trash!  You have got to love a guy that understands the depths of your soul!!!!  I never saw it removed from the garbage... or him working to put it together!  XXOO!!!

Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches!!!!!  Can't wait to see all the art!

cheers, dana
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Monday, October 1, 2012

wow.... Blogtoberfest ...

I would so love to participate in BlogtoberFest but know that I will not be able to post everyday.  So I decided not to torture myself with guilt by signing up and then falling short of the task.  It looks incredible though.  I do plan on checking out some of the post and just enjoying my new finds!

Today though, I want to show you my finished wreath!  We have friends that just purchased their first home and they are hosting a Halloween / House Warming party.  So this is a gift to help celebrate!  I am also labeling a pitcher for their "blood" bar - AB+ blood of Sir Cran of Berry... so 2 jugs of cranberry juice a 5th of Vodka and wha-lah!

We will be unable to attend as we'll be finishing up our vacation in the Keys!!!  The vampire themed party will be a blast I am sure! 
Enjoy your travels through blogland!  and this incredible October - here in Michigan the colors are changing, the air is fresh, and the night sky mesmerizing!

cheers, dana
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Friday, September 28, 2012

PPF and yesterday's day off

Paint Party Friday and my day off...
It was the best day off in awhile... no one had a doctors appointment!!!  YAY!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO,  continuing my efforts to raise money for Optometry Giving Sight  I was working with POWER TOOLS! 
I had used the plasma cutter last year after we completed Scrap Fest to cut out our local University block letters.  It is quite the rivalry in this part of the state.  The big Blue Block "M" for the University of Michigan and the big GREEN Block "S" for Michigan State University!

I then drilled and pop riveted stakes that Mark was kind enough to make for me and put it all together.  Spray paint and sponge in hand, wha-lah!
$24 a piece or 2 for $40... a portion of the proceeds to Optometry Giving Sight!
  GO TEAM!!!

I also worked on a wreath for a gift I am making!  Spray painted it mat black and am working on the bats that will be added along with some other spirited items!  The bats have a reddish/pinkish metallic undercoat that will end up being the outline!
I can't wait to finish the bats....

Then, just to finish the day with a bang, I baked my secret awesome vanilla
pumpkin cake with a new kick.  Mark's daughter just returned from a trip to
Montreal and brought back the most incredible maple rum sryup!  Yep, put
that in - in place of the vanilla extract and cinnamon..... OMG!  to die for!

I added praline sauce using the sryup again with a splash of dark rum for the topping!  Talk about YUMMMOOOOOO!

So, a very productive day that did include PAINT !  

Here's to a wonderful fall weekend and visits to all the participating artists'.  Thanks to Kristin and Eva for hosting such a great place to share!

cheers, dana
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Sketches and life is busy

I feel like it has been forever since I have been in touch with my art!!!  The last few weeks have gotten taken over with medical issues and car issues... as I consider 13 my lucky number - I am really looking forward to next year.  Get all these "issues" taken care of and move on!  On a high note - we do have our vacation planned in the middle of diagnosises and minor surgeries to resolve issues... Both of us - how crazy is that!  So Key West be ready because we will be!!!  I plan on really taking some painting gear and seeing if I can't recapture some of the essence of Sanford Birdsey and my trip in 2008!

Dracu-ella !!!

Just a quick watercolor sketch this morning... feeling very Halloween-ish today!  Thanks to Alexandra for hosting!!!  Be sure to visit as many artists' as you can!

cheers, dana
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

What a great experience!!!  Thank you to Kat for hosting such a heart-warming project.  She worked her butt off making this happen!  It was so much fun to follow all the postings on facebook and read all the excitment shared literally around the world!  I have all six of my cards currently displayed in my inspiration frame!  It is an open frame above my art table and I use it to observe things I am working on - or- more often post things that inspire me.  These postcards are truly a source of inspiration and encouragement.

1st card I received is a daisy that is photographed in the most incredible lighting!  It is from Christina Yates, a photographer in Portland, Oregon.  Visiting her website shows her incredible work!

2nd was another flower to add to my bouquet!  Beautiful pink blessings from another accomplished photographer, Kelly Ishmael.  The quote that is on the card is: "All that we behold is full of blessings." William Wordsworth - so perfectly matched with the photo. 

3rd - ALL THE WAY FROM SCOTLAND !!!  Is a mixed media piece by Elaine of dreams and whispers!  The front says Impossible Dream and on the back a wonderful note!  Elaine describes her piece and herself!  It really made this card so personal!  Her quote to accompany this card, "The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking."  Robert Schuller.  How true!

4th is from Gig Harbor, WA from Judy Shipley - we definitely had a cosmic connection in this swap.  Her card is a pic of her grandkids!  So incredibly sweet - the quote on the front reads: Children see magic because they look for it!
How wonderful is that to remember day to day!!!

5th and criss-crossing our nation is a card from an artist I admire and who's work is on several of the sites I participate in regularly - Karen Isaacson!  It is a vivid mixed media piece that regardless of how I position it looks amazing!  I smile each time I look at it!  You can visit Karen at to check out her work!!!

And, of course, the card from Kat!!!  Such an eye for beauty!  I almost feel like I am in this romantic pathway and can smell  the flowers.

I do know where a couple of my cards landed and loved how they were photographed to display.  I am hoping to find out where the remainder went as I blog hop!

Once again, HUGE THANKS TO KAT!   This is in reality the definition of my signature sign off: 
cheers, dana
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take a moment today, IN REMEMBRANCE

To the families of those that lost their lives, we shall not forget!  To those that have fought and those still fighting for our freedom, our gratitude and prayers!  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

more angel eyes for Optometry Giving Sight & SS

Hope you like her Jez!  Please, honestly let me know, I am trying to start a curly haired girl.  Anyways - next up for my mini's for Optometry Giving Sight is the finished Babushka Girl!!!  When I was a kid all the mom's wore babushka's - I even had to wear them when it was chilly outside.  Now I think they are cool and so remind me of the 50's!  Made to ride in a convertible!!!!  There is a no helmet law in Michigan now, I could try it on the Harley... hummmmmmm, NO.

Have a great weekend and enjoy all the stops at Sunday Sketches, thanks Alexandra!

cheers, dana
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

SS and my angel eyes girls continue

Here is the girl I am currently doing.  She is babushka girl!  I love saying that.  The young girls I work with don't even know what a babushka is!!!!  Anyways she should be fun!  It is a busy weekend for everyone I am sure!  I am sooooooooooooooo looking forward to two days off in a row.  I trust everyone will have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.

Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches, can't wait to visit everyone!
cheers, dana
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

PPF and my mini Angel Eyes series continues...

So much going on but in my artworld...Kat's Liberate Your Art postcard swap has been sooooooo much fun!  I will be participating in her blog hop Sept. 13th so stay tuned to see all the beautiful art that flew around the world!
Then, I did a second girl for my Angel Eyes series - proceeds go to Optometry Giving Sight!  I decided to post my second girl on fb with an explanation and price - SOLD !!!!  I am only asking $7.50 as these are only 4 x 6 ish pieces - matted.  (plus postage please)... Anyway, I really like her - as I do the first one so am thinking of just doing it again instead of waiting until I have all 5 done!  Maybe I'll do 10 if it keeps working!  "Believe" is totally opposite of "we are the world" - hope you like her!

Please be sure to visit all the artists' at PPF!!!!  It does take about the whole week to get through everyone!  I always miss more than I want to but that darn job thing!  Thanks to Eva and Kristin for hosting!

cheers, dana
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

PPF and a cause...

By day I am an Optician... by night I am secretly a caped crusader, I mean a random painter!  Really by early morn.  I am not a night person.  So I create between 5:30 am and 8:30 if I haven't gone on a morning bike ride or put in a walk/ run session.  I really don't have a lot of free time to be in my artroom creating.  I wish I was more disciplined but it is what it is.  When I get home from work it is about 7:30 pm and I have absolutely NO creative juices flowing.  On a day off I am usually found running around like a chicken with my head cut off and if I could ever get it all together I may, just may, get better.  That is why I keep plugging away at it!  If we weren't saving to take our annual Key West trip I would so be signing up for:
Flora Bowley's online class  -OMG- brave intuitive you!!!
or hopping on a plane to England for Lisa Wright's one day class at Highgate House, Creaton on Oct. 20th

or... the list goes on!!!!  If you have the means, do it!  Life is short, shorter than you may think!

I am currently doing a few little paintings to sell between $7.50 and $10 - all proceeds going to the organization Optometry Giving Sight.  Some wonderful people go to third world countries and give eye exams & glasses to individuals that would not have otherwise!  They have built labs to make glasses, trained opticians and provided vision for thousands!!!!  Let me know if  you see one you like over the next few weeks or if you can share a post that may bring in a donation - please let me know!

Today is the start of Angel Eyes!!!  No. 1, we are the world!

She is obviously a result of my class with Natasha May, a somewhat Cotton Candy Girl.  I just had to do the glasses!!!
Thank you to Kristin and Eva for hosting our Friday get together PPF - a place to see, be inspired, and encourage others!!!
cheers, dana
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

sunday sketches and having fun!!!

Well, I had the best meditative time finishing my butterfly journal page.... it was just as good as getting a massage... well, maybe not that good!  The point being that it held my focus to color in my tiny little wings and the colors made me smile!  It is good for the soul!

Then I had more fun sketching and painting my cousin Cat!  She was at a Motley Crew concert and this is a copy of a picture taken of her.  Unfortunately, I didn't do her justice she is so beautiful and my painting is a bit off but I had so much fun attempting to do a quick portrait on sheet music.  So Cat in Concert....
Cat in concert!
Have a great weekend and be sure to stop by all the Sunday Sketchers!!!!  Thanks to Alexandra for hosting!
Please keep checking in as I will continue to post about the Liberate Your Art postcard swap hosted by another Kat!

cheers, dana
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Friday, August 17, 2012

PPF and my first postcard from the swap

Wow , so excited got my first postcard from the Liberate Art Swap... it is beautiful!
                                                           Thank you Kelly Ishmael

The poor postcard got a little beat up in its travels but still a wonderful mix of words and image!

#2 pencil, Ticonderoga, of course! on newspaper!
Jordyn Weiber, hometown hero!  MI- she lives just
a hop, skip and a jump from us!  so proud!
a journal page I am carrying around to finish

All these classes and projects on the table...I have just finally figured out you can have fun with art, everything you do doesn't have to become a painting... a publish-able piece... a masterpiece... a piece to be critiqued.... YOU CAN JUST JOURNAL or doodle or scribble or whatever!!!  Just keep doing because through doing YOU GET BETTER... omg, I think I've heard that before!  So, just sitting around with scraps of paper and my markers/pencils that I keep in my bag.... I just had FUN!!!!  I plan on continuing to do this!!!  It is okay that my mind gets ahead of my writing and I have to fit things in... it's okay if I misspell a word because this is the place to do it.  This is where you generate ideas, thoughts, feelings that develop into the next "real" painting!!!  There is a big smile on my face!!!!

Please be sure to visit all the participants at Paint Party Friday... I have learned so much from many!  So thankful that there is this positive inspiring place!!!  Thanks Alexandra for hosting!  More to come regarding the postcard swap... a blog hop... stay tuned!

cheers, dana
make art, make friends - share art, share souls!!!!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Sketches and wings...

I have a painting that is calling for a dragonfly, and I KNOW that I can't produce it the way I see it in my head.  Minnemie did the most incredible dragonfly a few weeks ago and was kind enough to share with me how she did the wings.  I think I may have to get a plane ticket and go get lessons in person.  I am working from a photograph that artist friend,
Deb Drew Brown took.  She has this photo on her website and her work is incredible.  (not my reproduction of it ).

Anyways, this is my first practice page of the dragonfly.  This isn't the background that is going to be used but I need to just practice painting the bug before I move forward....I think this is going to take awhile!

Thanks to Alexandra for hosting our Sunday get together!!!  Please be sure to visit all the artists!

cheers, dana
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Friday, August 10, 2012

PPF and grandkids!

Our two oldest granddaughters get a special solo day with grams for their birthday.  The oldest of our grandkids is Cloee, she turned 9 in June.  We were just able to finally get her solo overnight b-day visit in!  She is a very busy girl with dance and just returned from a trip to Myrtle Beach for a competition!

Anyways, painting is an expectation when the kids come here.... we did a fun shirt project, then went and painted ceramics at a local shop!  We will get those pieces back in 2 weeks... it was very zenful there.  Cloee is a HUGE reader (thank goodness) and a trip to 2 different bookstores was on the agenda - she went home with NINE new books!!!
We completed our day with a late lunch at Gracie's Place in Williamston where I have another painting on exhibit!

She was so excited to see Grandma's work out in public - and ohhhhhhhhhhh, we talked about my piece in Sue Bleiweiss's book endlessly!
So, now time to recover and get back to some of my serious projects (too many) that are literally on the table!  Enjoy visiting all the participants here at paint party friday hosted by Kristin and Eva.  Can't wait to see the featured artist....
and P.S.
Jenny Lee Wentworth was the featured artist a few weeks ago...she has a dream that we can all be part of fulfilling!  If you have ever had a dream come true...please take time to help make hers a reality!

Jenny Wentworth:

cheers, dana
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Monday, August 6, 2012

New to me....Creative Tuesdays....

The theme was "spy"....hummmm, 007?  Maxwell Smart? Nancy Drew?  
double agents....
I decided to keep it simple:

Eye Spy!!!

Does anyone remember the game, I spy something....  and you would guess.  The person whose turn it was would let you know if you were getting warm or so far off that you were cold - you'd keep guessing until you "spyied" what they had!

Can't wait to see the other takes on "SPY"....CHECK THEM OUT WITH ME on the Creative Tuesday button!!!

cheers, dana
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Busy Week and must complete a piece of work...

for an upcoming raffle prize.  It gets my name and work out there, who knows!  Have started a canvas and plan on making it see thru-ish rusty looking with - well you'll just have to stay tuned...You know how you have something in your head and it doesn't always come out on the canvas?!?!

So this weekend went to the Mid-Ohio race course with my husband while he worked.  I haven't been to one of his races in a few years so it was alot of fun.  Saw a few friends and while the 2 hour and 45 min race was running - I watched some and sketched some.. only took my basic water color palette - you know with only 7 colors, my waterbrush and a pitt pen...
so my flower is pretty flat but I like the leaves.  It was a great way to relax in all the heat!  Their car went off into the gravel so kind of fell behind, finished forth which was really good all things considered.
My husband hard at work!!!  Team RSR !!! in ALMS racing
 The team was disappointed having just come off a win at Mosport 2 weeks ago.  Onto Road America!!!
Thanks to Alexandra for hosting Sunday Sketches - so happy to hear she is feeling better and has a break in her crazy schedule!!!  Stop and visit all the great work at SS !!!
cheers, dana
make art, make friends - share art share souls

ps if you missed the finished flamingo due to my computer issues - scroll down to my previous post!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Sketches and Phoenicopterus

She is done and has been shipped, wow shipping a framed painting this big is expensive! 
I have truely enjoyed the experience of doing this painting.   I used techniques from Natasha May's Cotton Candy Girl class in doing the background and some valueable Mess/layering lessons from my time with Lisa Wright's class.  Ahhh, patience is a virtue!!!  At one point I had decided my background was mud and needed to start over.  I was in a panic because I needed to have it shipped before this weekend.  In my pj's- I drove like a mad woman to Michael's, it was Sunday and Hobby Lobby (closer) was not open.  Dashed thru Michaels trying to decide if I should just do a framed up canvas or watercolor paper again - I purchased both.  Charged home crashing into the diningroom where I had left my work and WAH-LAH.  It had dried and I loved how it looked.  Geez, why can't I just put the brush down, walk away and let each step dry before trying to finish it!  Yes, Lisa, I hear you!!!!
Here's to a great Olympics!  A wonderful ending to July and a fun upcoming August!   Alexandra our host for Sunday Sketches is very ill and unable to host this week.  Healing thoughts and hugs sent her way!

cheers, dana
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all works copyright of dana strickland/sinderella's studio 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back up and -

watercolor, stamps, and embellished
watercolor with jamaican coral
last weeks post for PPF was a disaster!  I have no idea what happened.  Trying to finish up the post and goes into a fit and that was that.  Sorry it looked so confusing with comments going a mile down before you could find them.  All is well now.  Took it in, had a virus that locked it up.    All tuned up now and ready to roll.  I, on the other hand, wish I was computer tuned so I could clean things up a bit better myself before it goes haywire.

pure watercolor
Anyways, hope you saw the wonderful ATC trade I had with Celia Bradshaw...Sirens of the Sea.  I had so much fun opening hers and LOVED the steampunk mermaid.  I posted hers last Friday so here are the 3 that I sent to her!

Again, thanks to Wendy at Bliss Angels for hosting these monthly trades.  I have a christmas collection she hosted in 2010 that is one of my most treasured trades!

I trust everyone is having a great summer, I can't believe we are about to head into August!  Wow, time flies is no joke! 
Looking forward to Sunday's post...I finished the Flamingo!!!!!
Thanks to Kristin and Eva for this wonderful place called Paint Party Friday!  Can't wait to see the featured artist!!!

cheers, dana
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Friday, July 20, 2012

PPF and more...

So excited, just saw that the Featured Artist this week at PPF is Natasha May !!!!  As you know, I recently took her Cotton Candy Girl class and absolutely loved it!  I did it because, although I admire her work, I didn't think I could do it!  Her instruction was thorough and open minded!  Her videos were great and I loved listening to her accent!  She cracked me up with her humor.  It was a fun experience and I love these granddaughters are loving them too!

Okay so I have taken on this commissioned painting - I've been doing research and sketches on Phoenicopterus, yes, Flamingo's.  I thought I would share my piece as I go...any suggestions, feel free to let me know:
I plan on finishing it this weekend and hope to put "her" up on Sunday Sketches but no promises...might be a day or two later.

I received a great trade in the mail yesterday from Celia Bradshaw at
We did the July ATC trade hosted by Wendy at Bliss Angels and the theme was Sirens of the Sea:
I love what Celia did.  My favorite is the steampunk mermaid, each time I look at her I see some added detail.  Yes, she shall enhance my journey!  I have a fasination with steampunk but have not had the courage to try it!  Thanks Celia, I love them and the goodies!!!!

wow - computer went haywire at this point....don't know how far you scroll down.


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