Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take a moment today, IN REMEMBRANCE

To the families of those that lost their lives, we shall not forget!  To those that have fought and those still fighting for our freedom, our gratitude and prayers!  


Heather said...

a great post. we will never forget.

Jez said...

The collage is really great, and expressive. When I was a small child in WW2 and lived near Plymouth, England, many US soldiers appeared in camps around us, and they were so good to us, giving us parties and food, gum and little tins of emergency rations - and we ate the Horlicks tablets as sweets even though we thought they were horrible.
Looking back at them, they must have been young boys of only 18 or 19 and missing their little brothers and sisters. It took me years to realise they were there ready for the D-Day landings, and I always get a little tear when I think of what they had to face, so yes, I DO always remember them.

Ruth said...

A beautiful work of art in remembrance :)

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Jez, thanks for sharing! that is a powerful memory!

Cheryl Flatt said...

Beautiful piece of art!