Wednesday, August 14, 2013

sharing across the pond. . .

for that matter, around the world!  That is what I love about this artful blogging community.  For the last five years I have been learning about blogging and working on my art interests.  Sometimes I have obsessively blogged and then been MIA countless times.  Whether I am consistent or not this community still encourages and supports.  I wish the world could be like that!  Just imagine if everyone was supportive and encouraging...makes you wonder.

Anyways, in my meetings of artists', Joss has been a cosmic bond.  We share the same birth month - we are Aquarians (that does explain alot).  We are both mature - well, numerically anyway.  AND we both have a love of art.  She is an accomplished artist - showing and selling her passionate pieces of her soul.  Which leads us to the name of her blog, Soulbrush!

I am fortunate enough to have a piece of her work!  I am in search for the perfect frame!

She also has shared a piece of her spirit with me when my spirits were down and needed a hug.  So I wanted to say thank you and celebrate her new studio with some light!  Sent it across the waters to let her know that she reaches many!
your soul and your brush reach across the pond

cheers, dana
life is short, make sure you LIVE it!

all works copyright dana strickland/sinderella's studio 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Under the Sea swap complete!

Clare Lloyd received the tags I sent for my part in the swap.  So I will share them with you now!

I had "chicken of the sea" - a fortune telling mermaid and swimmers!  These were really fun to do!

                         this was an extra chicken of the sea I did...I was cracking myself up!!!!
For any of you that aren't in the states, chicken of the sea is a brand of canned tuna here.

Not much but hope it makes you smile.  Thanks to Kirstin McCulloch for hosting the tag swap!!!

Also sending a piece across the pond to Soulbrush! So, once it has arrived I will share!

cheers, dana
life is short, make sure you LIVE it!

copyright 2013 dana strickland - sinderella's studio