Monday, August 5, 2013

Under the Sea swap complete!

Clare Lloyd received the tags I sent for my part in the swap.  So I will share them with you now!

I had "chicken of the sea" - a fortune telling mermaid and swimmers!  These were really fun to do!

                         this was an extra chicken of the sea I did...I was cracking myself up!!!!
For any of you that aren't in the states, chicken of the sea is a brand of canned tuna here.

Not much but hope it makes you smile.  Thanks to Kirstin McCulloch for hosting the tag swap!!!

Also sending a piece across the pond to Soulbrush! So, once it has arrived I will share!

cheers, dana
life is short, make sure you LIVE it!

copyright 2013 dana strickland - sinderella's studio


ann hyde said...

Love these...they look fun. I must admit I did wonder what chicken of the sea meant! glad you explained, lol.

Jez said...

All very pretty fun undersea cards.

soulbrush said...

I love them too, they suit the size and the theme so well. Go gal.