Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween and thanks to my friends...

I love going to the mailbox, as you know - I love snail mail... so today I opened the box and got a great halloween card from my friend in blogland, Penny!  Spooky, in a sweet way!  I was also the lucky recipient of the monster postage stamp cards and had those in the mail this week from Elaine!  Both Penny's card and my winnings from Elaine will be part of Halloween each year from here on out!

I am also doing a free online art class with Tam from Willow and Friends - so even though I am already behind - I have been working at the class.  We were to do some writing and then gesso some journal pages, which I did!  But I haven't gotten any of my background work done on them yet - I was to do a portrait after the background BUT instead have been sketching (on scrap paper) so I am ready when I have time to sit down and do the class work!

Can't wait to really put some time into this class - please check it out if interested in working on your art skills! 
Have a great week... don't forget the giant traveling post card is at Penny's - the last stop.  We should have our finished project to share soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheers to November!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


This has been such a fun month, I hate to see it end!  Happy Haunting to everyone this weekend!

have a BOOOOOOOO-tiful weekend!
Thanks to Beverly for hosting PINK Saturday's!  This will be my last PS post for awhile.  I have some art - commitments that need attention.  I have allowed myself toooooooo many distractions - so time to regroup.  Please continue to stop in and see what's going on.  The giant traveling postcard has arrived at Penny's for completion.  I can't wait to receive the finished piece!!! 
happy haunting, dana

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Such a crazy day ... time to have some snacks, relax with a couple friends and TAKE FLIGHT!  We have decided to keep it simple and as soon as the moon rises get going to all the Halloween Tea Parties Anna has inspired... the cards say it will be a night of golden opportunity, clarity and hope! 

the sun, the moon and the stars
Now, we will relax enjoy some great conversation and fill ourselves for a long night of partying!!!
Meet my fellow travelers, they usually fly or ride along:
my mice - Treat and Trick, my owl named Boo and my crow named East!  We are not always tea without spike drinkers but before we fly tonight maybe... out of the book of brews we have chosen:

yum...especially if you add rum, but oh yes, not tonight
So, we gather together and plot our path... so much excitement tonight!  We can hardly contain ourselves.  The best week of the year, the countdown to Halloween... we will be busy each night this upcoming week.
Join us, grab a plate.... we are just about ready to travel...

Well, we are full, we have our map and we are ready to fly!!!  Hope to see you at the parties!!!
we always bring Magic Carpet along in case we have broom failer!

cheers, dana and friends!


PARTY TIME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it is Saturday morning...yep, I am off to my real job BUT have the evening planned to share with you!
First, it's PINK SATURDAY, thanks to Beverly being such a great hostess - we have all had the chance to meet and expand our artistic world because of her PINKNESS!  I have decided to go back up to the top of the list of participants and check the first site out that I haven't already - then I will go to the bottom of the list and do the same thing!  Every blog is wonderful and gives me perspective on my own blog, or my art, or the world!  Check them out!

I have gotten myself ready for a few guest tonight for the HALLOWEEN TEA PARTY hosted by my friend Anna at Frosted Petunias.  I can only imagine how wonderful her party is going to be.  So, my halloween friends and I will have a few tasty treats and brew before we fly off to visit all the partiers during this full moon!  It should be a great night of flight!

Hope to see you this evening by the light of the moon - radar out to be out of control with all this activity!
cheers and safe flight!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I just opened my package from Terri at Paint n Thread.  We were partners in the ATC swap at Blissfullatcswap - the theme for October was DARK.  My envelope is decorated so cool, I didn't want to open it BUT when I did - it was loaded with great stuff! 

 I will be sifting through it for the next couple of days!  With Halloween just around the corner; a couple more cards to do for trades and seven g-kids to do cards for - Terri's surprise treasures will be put to use!!!  Her ATC is amazing!!!!!!!!  I absolutely love it!!!

A perfect depiction of DARK !!!
Don't you love the details of the shutters... you do feel as if you are looking into a window of the old spooky house around the corner!!!!  Is she real or is she a GHOST that lives there?????
What a great trade - I think I bonused on this one!
This is the ATC I sent to Terri - hope she liked it!

Marvelous Night for a Moon-Watch
clip on the Friday Foto Collage button ( I used one image I got from Peggy's fun site)
This trade is all organized by Wendy at - she has been so much fun to chat with and inspiring.  Wendy sent me a special package that, once again, I didn't want to open the envelope it was embellished so wonderfully. 

The ATC was a wonderful surprise as well as my name banner that Wendy made me!  It will always be special as we had some name confusion - but each time I look at it - I smile!  So, it will be my banner!
                             Hope you visit all these fabulous artists' and join in the fun of connecting!

happy haunting!!!! dana - aka - dina - aka - sinderella

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Practicing my pink...

You have got to love this "girly-pink" rug.  My cousin's daughter has this and I had to copy the picture.  It reminded me that I am a tom-boy (even at this age) and need to practice my "pink-ish" skills.  My youngest son is getting married in May 2011 - not really being a frou-frou gal I am not to concerned about all the hopla BUT a few months ago I saw what I consider the "perfect dress for me".  ON SALE.  So after several days of going back to look at it - I then saw a pair of shoes that "were to die for", as they say.  BUT could I walk in them???  So, I bought the shoes...took them to the store with the dress...put the outfit on and walked out of the dressingroom in search of approval from a stranger!  Keep in mind, I mainly buy things and bring them home - I hate trying things on in the store BUT needed to make a decision.  So, two lovely strangers, that looked at me strangely - gave their vote.  I took it all home.  The dress and shoes have been in the closet.  When I saw Krissy's rug picture - it reminded me - I better get practicing with those shoes so I don't break an ankle this May.  I have bad knees and walk like a tank so... I have taken them out of the box - set them next to the shoes I wear most ... let the walking begin!!!
Hope you all have a great week - keep pinking for breast cancer awareness!!!  I try to buy products that sport the pink ribbon and support the cause with donations - I am a label reader!  I hope that you will stop by How Sweet the Sound and see all the great blogs Beverly has listed for Pink Saturday... each visit is an eye opener - I love blog hopping BUT this has been a 6 day work week and I haven't been able to visit so please forgive me.  I am looking forward to tomorrow - a quiet Sunday morning, cup of coffee in hand and traveling through PinkLand!
cheers, dana

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a work in prgress...

I have started sketching my girl on the bicycle for the requested piece.  I am not confident in painting humans or my drawing skills but it is what has been ordered... so I will keep going.
Needs some re-work on the peddles area but it is a start that I am very okay with.  I am determined to paint more and this is a good challenge.  I can't procrastinate, it is an order!
Also, just completed my ATC for the blissfull atc swap  - theme is "dark" for October... I will share with you after Terri receives it..."marvelous night for a moon-watch".  Peggy, I hope you see it, I used some of your friday foto collage inspirations!
ALSO, THE GIANT TRAVELING POSTCARD IS ON THE MOVE AGAIN... on its way to Debbie in Edin, Oklahoma - stop #4!!!  How exciting, Wendy in Braselton, Georgia has sent it on its way!!!  Can't wait to see the finished project!!!
cheers - happy "art" ing!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Painting in PINK

Working on a painting for a friend... part of the request includes a bicycle!!!!  I have the perfect one in mind...
My Key West transportation!

I believe my cousin calls in Ballerina Slipper Pink, she has a bike just like it!  I think I need one for at home too.
This past week was able to visit Denise at  stop in and say hello!
Thanks to Beverly for hosting our Saturday smiles with PINK SATURDAY!

cheers with Pink Lemonade, it is going to be a perfect weekend here in Michigan!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's PINK SATURDAY time...

It has been a crazy couple weeks and super busy... trying to regroup and get focused for all the upcoming holidays (yes, I said holidays).  Anyways, thanks to Beverly for being such a gracious host and introducing us all to each other!!!

I wanted to share two PINKS... This wire dress form,  it was in a display window for a shop in Key West.  I don't remember what shop BUT I sooooooooooo wanted it!  If I see it again in January when we go back, I am going in to see if it might be for sale!!!

The second PINK, is our dog Sophie's soccer ball!!!  It is well worn but no tears.  She never chews anything and still has "crabby" the toy she come home to us with when she was 6 weeks old - she is now 7 years old!
  So here is Crabby too...

This week I visited "a pink dreamer", her journal pages are just smile makers.  Please stop by her blog and see what I mean ( I think she is from Greece but not really sure - if you know please let me know)!  Special THANK YOU to Karen Valentine for the Breast Cancer Awareness Button. 
cheers, dana

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