Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a work in prgress...

I have started sketching my girl on the bicycle for the requested piece.  I am not confident in painting humans or my drawing skills but it is what has been ordered... so I will keep going.
Needs some re-work on the peddles area but it is a start that I am very okay with.  I am determined to paint more and this is a good challenge.  I can't procrastinate, it is an order!
Also, just completed my ATC for the blissfull atc swap  - theme is "dark" for October... I will share with you after Terri receives it..."marvelous night for a moon-watch".  Peggy, I hope you see it, I used some of your friday foto collage inspirations!
ALSO, THE GIANT TRAVELING POSTCARD IS ON THE MOVE AGAIN... on its way to Debbie in Edin, Oklahoma - stop #4!!!  How exciting, Wendy in Braselton, Georgia has sent it on its way!!!  Can't wait to see the finished project!!!
cheers - happy "art" ing!!!


Kelly said...

Just keep on drawing until your heart says it's time to stop...You will get there!!

Look forward to seeing the finished postcard ~


terri said...

I can't wait to see my 'Dark' ATC. Yours is flying your direction already.

Incipient Wings said...

Dana, this is dont give yourself enough credit!

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