Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween and thanks to my friends...

I love going to the mailbox, as you know - I love snail mail... so today I opened the box and got a great halloween card from my friend in blogland, Penny!  Spooky, in a sweet way!  I was also the lucky recipient of the monster postage stamp cards and had those in the mail this week from Elaine!  Both Penny's card and my winnings from Elaine will be part of Halloween each year from here on out!

I am also doing a free online art class with Tam from Willow and Friends - so even though I am already behind - I have been working at the class.  We were to do some writing and then gesso some journal pages, which I did!  But I haven't gotten any of my background work done on them yet - I was to do a portrait after the background BUT instead have been sketching (on scrap paper) so I am ready when I have time to sit down and do the class work!

Can't wait to really put some time into this class - please check it out if interested in working on your art skills! 
Have a great week... don't forget the giant traveling post card is at Penny's - the last stop.  We should have our finished project to share soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheers to November!!!

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Incipient Wings said...

Happy Halloween !!!!
I love snail mail too, such wonderful surprises await...and the envelopes are so beautifully decorated too.
Have a wonderful night!
and i'm sure your homework will be just amazing....already looks great.

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