Saturday, October 16, 2010

Practicing my pink...

You have got to love this "girly-pink" rug.  My cousin's daughter has this and I had to copy the picture.  It reminded me that I am a tom-boy (even at this age) and need to practice my "pink-ish" skills.  My youngest son is getting married in May 2011 - not really being a frou-frou gal I am not to concerned about all the hopla BUT a few months ago I saw what I consider the "perfect dress for me".  ON SALE.  So after several days of going back to look at it - I then saw a pair of shoes that "were to die for", as they say.  BUT could I walk in them???  So, I bought the shoes...took them to the store with the dress...put the outfit on and walked out of the dressingroom in search of approval from a stranger!  Keep in mind, I mainly buy things and bring them home - I hate trying things on in the store BUT needed to make a decision.  So, two lovely strangers, that looked at me strangely - gave their vote.  I took it all home.  The dress and shoes have been in the closet.  When I saw Krissy's rug picture - it reminded me - I better get practicing with those shoes so I don't break an ankle this May.  I have bad knees and walk like a tank so... I have taken them out of the box - set them next to the shoes I wear most ... let the walking begin!!!
Hope you all have a great week - keep pinking for breast cancer awareness!!!  I try to buy products that sport the pink ribbon and support the cause with donations - I am a label reader!  I hope that you will stop by How Sweet the Sound and see all the great blogs Beverly has listed for Pink Saturday... each visit is an eye opener - I love blog hopping BUT this has been a 6 day work week and I haven't been able to visit so please forgive me.  I am looking forward to tomorrow - a quiet Sunday morning, cup of coffee in hand and traveling through PinkLand!
cheers, dana


Incipient Wings said...

you are too funny!!!
walk like a tank?!LOLOLOL
i'm sure you will be fine and look great.
maybe 20 minutes a day for practice..and dont forget to put those non slippy things on the bottom!
happy PS.

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

You've got that right! I can see me slip sliding away!!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

Happy Pink Saturday! My daughter would love that rug! Love your wedding shoes - my daughter married on the 8th - we're still exhausted - we did it all ourselves! With the help of some very dear friends!
God Bless,

Ann said...

OMG...X 2...!!!!!
YOUR SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR!!! Love them...the ankle straps will keep your feet from sliding in them and make them so comfortable to wear..they are killer gorgeous!!!
(scuff the bottoms with slipping on floors!!)
now all we need is a pic of the dress!
:) Ann

Donnie said...

I'm a day late but really enjoyed all your . Happy Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

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