Saturday, October 23, 2010


PARTY TIME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it is Saturday morning...yep, I am off to my real job BUT have the evening planned to share with you!
First, it's PINK SATURDAY, thanks to Beverly being such a great hostess - we have all had the chance to meet and expand our artistic world because of her PINKNESS!  I have decided to go back up to the top of the list of participants and check the first site out that I haven't already - then I will go to the bottom of the list and do the same thing!  Every blog is wonderful and gives me perspective on my own blog, or my art, or the world!  Check them out!

I have gotten myself ready for a few guest tonight for the HALLOWEEN TEA PARTY hosted by my friend Anna at Frosted Petunias.  I can only imagine how wonderful her party is going to be.  So, my halloween friends and I will have a few tasty treats and brew before we fly off to visit all the partiers during this full moon!  It should be a great night of flight!

Hope to see you this evening by the light of the moon - radar out to be out of control with all this activity!
cheers and safe flight!


Incipient Wings said...

Dana, how are you ?
what a cute picture you've posted!
are those socks pink?
too cute...happy Pink Saturday...and there's a small give away at my tea party, in case you're interested.
have a great day!

Rebecca said...

Love this-especially since I'm in to pink Halloween this year!

Penny said...

Love your pink socks and the pink ribbon on your broom.


Kelly said...

What a cute picture!! Love the theme you got going here... :D

Donnie said...

I love your pink socks. I'm really behind on my Pink Saturday but glad I stopped by or I would have missed them. Happy Pink Saturday.

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