Saturday, October 9, 2010

Painting in PINK

Working on a painting for a friend... part of the request includes a bicycle!!!!  I have the perfect one in mind...
My Key West transportation!

I believe my cousin calls in Ballerina Slipper Pink, she has a bike just like it!  I think I need one for at home too.
This past week was able to visit Denise at  stop in and say hello!
Thanks to Beverly for hosting our Saturday smiles with PINK SATURDAY!

cheers with Pink Lemonade, it is going to be a perfect weekend here in Michigan!


Denise@alloverroses said...

Love that pink bike! If I was ever to ride one again that would be the one! :) Thank you so much for putting my link in your post!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Ann said...

this just made me smile ! there's nothing like a pink bike or pink car..and that IS the perfect pink !!!!
have a lovely weekend!

Incipient Wings said...

Dana! happy pink saturday to you!!
what a cute bike...
Hope you have been having a lovely day!

Abramyan Avenue said...

love the pink bike. i haven't been on a bike in years! but i think i could give it a try with one that cute! have a wonderful weekend!

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