Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Sketches and Phoenicopterus

She is done and has been shipped, wow shipping a framed painting this big is expensive! 
I have truely enjoyed the experience of doing this painting.   I used techniques from Natasha May's Cotton Candy Girl class in doing the background and some valueable Mess/layering lessons from my time with Lisa Wright's class.  Ahhh, patience is a virtue!!!  At one point I had decided my background was mud and needed to start over.  I was in a panic because I needed to have it shipped before this weekend.  In my pj's- I drove like a mad woman to Michael's, it was Sunday and Hobby Lobby (closer) was not open.  Dashed thru Michaels trying to decide if I should just do a framed up canvas or watercolor paper again - I purchased both.  Charged home crashing into the diningroom where I had left my work and WAH-LAH.  It had dried and I loved how it looked.  Geez, why can't I just put the brush down, walk away and let each step dry before trying to finish it!  Yes, Lisa, I hear you!!!!
Here's to a great Olympics!  A wonderful ending to July and a fun upcoming August!   Alexandra our host for Sunday Sketches is very ill and unable to host this week.  Healing thoughts and hugs sent her way!

cheers, dana
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Jez said...

I like the background and the little swirls at top right - and of course the phoenicopterous who looks very thoughtful.

Heather said...

i agree i really like the background and the bubbles

NatashaMay said...

I'm so excited that the classes you took came in handy for your art. :) Flamingo looks absolutely precious! :)

Ann said...

lovely piece!!!!

soulbrush said...

It is fantastico!

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