Monday, November 5, 2012

monday madness because I missed Sunday Sketches

I was ready but then the days schedule changed and I never got back into the artroom... I am on a mission to be more organized.  My sons will tell you I have had that same mission their whole lives.  My youngest just celebrated his 25th birthday this past weekend and getting ready for my oldest to turn 30.... so I have been working on it for awhile!!! oy.

This weekend I started with put it away - or throw it away.... really forces you to take action.  This shall be my mantra all month so hoping for REAL progress. 

Planning my art time has got to improve as part of this process... So this was my post for yesterday's Sunday Sketches, my apologies to Alexandra for being late!  I want to add a pelican on the railing and haven't had time yet.... so that is on this weeks list of "get it done"!!!

journal page - sugar loaf key 2012

I know that everyone enjoyed their Sunday Sketches hopping and I shall catch up throughout the week!  Happy week everyone, don't forget (although how could you) to get out and vote tomorrow!!!!

cheers, dana
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all work copyright dana strickland/sinderella's studio 2012


Alexandra said...

Hello! Awww. We all have those days. Give me a few moments and I'll add you to the list. :)

I love your sketches and am blessed you share with us. Have a great week! Hugs

Rita said...

nice sketch so far! Happy Monday!

Catherine... said...

Like the sketch.. :)

Joanne Osband said...

I like the angle of the bridge and clean lines. I look forward to the finished sketch.