Friday, August 17, 2012

PPF and my first postcard from the swap

Wow , so excited got my first postcard from the Liberate Art Swap... it is beautiful!
                                                           Thank you Kelly Ishmael

The poor postcard got a little beat up in its travels but still a wonderful mix of words and image!

#2 pencil, Ticonderoga, of course! on newspaper!
Jordyn Weiber, hometown hero!  MI- she lives just
a hop, skip and a jump from us!  so proud!
a journal page I am carrying around to finish

All these classes and projects on the table...I have just finally figured out you can have fun with art, everything you do doesn't have to become a painting... a publish-able piece... a masterpiece... a piece to be critiqued.... YOU CAN JUST JOURNAL or doodle or scribble or whatever!!!  Just keep doing because through doing YOU GET BETTER... omg, I think I've heard that before!  So, just sitting around with scraps of paper and my markers/pencils that I keep in my bag.... I just had FUN!!!!  I plan on continuing to do this!!!  It is okay that my mind gets ahead of my writing and I have to fit things in... it's okay if I misspell a word because this is the place to do it.  This is where you generate ideas, thoughts, feelings that develop into the next "real" painting!!!  There is a big smile on my face!!!!

Please be sure to visit all the participants at Paint Party Friday... I have learned so much from many!  So thankful that there is this positive inspiring place!!!  Thanks Alexandra for hosting!  More to come regarding the postcard swap... a blog hop... stay tuned!

cheers, dana
make art, make friends - share art, share souls!!!!

copyright dana strickland/sinderellastudio 2012


Mary C. Nasser said...

Wonderful artwork!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love that journal page! It's great to have fun with art, I think it's very important. To love and have joy in what we put our time in is a beautiful thing. Thank you for getting me to think about this!

Natasha said...

Love your butterfly and I think your sentiments are so right. Sometimes you can get hung up on not playing, and then you find yourself least I have on more than one occassion!! :)

Cheryl Flatt said...

It is fun to see more of where my postcard came from. Your work is beautiful!

Debbie said...

Great journal pages! I always love to see drawing over text.

Alicia C said...

what fun work! I like your idea that process makes for progress, but at times critique can be useful as well. cheers!

Christine said...

I love what you have learned thanks for passing it on, I'll just relax with my art now. And nice pieces! Cute postcard too.

Sharon Evans said...

It is great to have fun with your art. I am just learning this as well, like your journal page.

bohemiannie! art said... my what art is all about! Lovin your butterfly!

minnemie said...

I really like how that butterfly is evolving - and that it is over text. It tells a story...

Jez said...

Lovely to hear you are having fun, and I so like your journal pages. Yes, as Butterfly Mind myself, I clearly love your butterfly.

Funkyrosebud said...

Hi I just received my first post card of the swop which is your lovely picture Mark Doepker influenced by Vermeer - thank you so much


Funkyrosebud said...

sorry spelt my website wrong -

Carolyn Dube said...

Wonderful postcards!

Giggles said...

Great postcards, perfect message!!! Took me a while to get it. Now I just do pages and pages in sketchbooks when I don't have a canvas to paint on...the point is "just do it!"

Hugs Giggles

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