Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Morning Journaling

I have never been good at journaling.  I feel like I am not digging deep enough or am short sighted because I am not writing deep thought provoking prose.  This week starts an online class I am taking with Juliette Crane, BLISS.  I have not gotten my supply list together, I haven't cleared space in my art room to even put a scrap piece of paper down.  I am, as usual, totally unprepared BUT I am determined to follow and do the exercises, experience the art through this class.  I have decided the only way for me to do this is to get up and grab my paints. 

We have had an emotional couple weeks here with the death of two separate, I still decided I needed to get online and start.  I have only so far watched a couple of the intro videos ...AMAZING!!!  Yesterday after watching I scribbled a peacock in a random notebook on the desk.  Today I added some color.  No, not a masterpiece, but it's not intended to be.  Juliette says she starts everyday in her journal with a painting.  I have to tell you, both this morning and yesterday - with all that is going on - this was a beautiful release.  It also helped me find peace with the death of our friends.  They both suffered greatly and are in a better place. 

I have been running almost every morning since December1st of 2013 - to get myself back to my better self, physically and mentally.  I have added this morning painting to the process and shall continue to do so.

I am excited to really get going with Juliette's class - and if it takes my all week to get through the intros and finally get to lesson one then that's what it is.  Scrap paper, watercolor paper, real journal, notebook, whatever is in front of me shall take on this new process!  A new journey begins!!!!

prince of peace
Live is short - live it!

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Juliette Crane said...

this is SO lovely to see and hear. you've spoken to exactly why i create these pages each morning, why it helps me get out of my head and just feel good and keep creating. thank you so much for sharing and for being in class. i am so excited to see more of your beautiful creations and hope you will share more of your process and stories too. xo juliette