Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sinderella paints and more

The name, Sinderella's Studio comes from my "want to be" state of mind.  I'm a tomboy that wants to be a princess, a Sunday painter that wants to be an artist, a keeper of thoughts on scraps of paper that wants to be a writer, a jogger that wants to be a runner, a person that looks at dirt but wants a magnificent garden - you get the idea.  I have beautiful images of canvas, household rooms, clothing and a yard that somehow get lost in my reality.  I never seem to get to the end.  Did I mention I'm a procrastinator that has little patience. 
So, in building this blog, I want it to be beautifully artistic but need to patiently tackle the task of learning the "how to's" of blogging - verses - to just keep typing.  Same with my paintings that I've started and failed to finish, my mosiacs sitting ungrouted, packages of seeds unplanted.  In 2000, I completed a marathon, 26.2 miles!!!!  It was a year of disciplined training - it was an achievement that was not possible without weekly effort.  Procrastination was NOT an option.  To get to my next level as someone entering the artistic cirle of life - procrastination and ignorance are no longer tolerable!  I must educate myself - practice - trial and error - all on my way to achievement.
As you watch this blog change understand that the house around it will be changing too!  One painting, one potholder, one patch of dirt at a time!!!


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