Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a PARTY...

I know I will be visiting Practical Magic sites for days...every single blog I have gone to is fabulous.  That sounds soooooooooo ordinary for such EXTRAORDINARY work!  The photography, the writing, the spellbooks, the music, the jewelry, the collection of magical pieces...I could go on and on!
I, personally, was very intimidated about doing this project.  I felt like my attempt would be rather elementary in comparison to others.  I realized in the last few days of creating - that I wasn't doing it to be judged or compete... it was for the experience and WOW it has been a pleasant one.
I know have to ask, what is my blog about???  I started this site to make myself DO ART.  I am a wanna-be artist.  What type of art???  Started out just trying to learn about the two years that I have been trying to become a blogger/artist; I have done altered art, ATC's, acrylics, learned about gel medium, pastels, and sooooooooo much more.  I am a dabbler in all and master of none.  I read once that your art blog should only display art!!!  Not talk about family, friends, pets, yadda yadda.  But as I continue to blog I realize I want to (and do) talk about my family, my friends, my dog, yadda yadda!  Does that mean I am not a true artist (wanna-be or not).  I also have rediscovered my sense of magic!  My mother definitely used white magic while I was growing up... we would sprinkle I don't know what in front of all our outer doors to keep evil spirits away. We would burn, again, I don't know what by the light of the moon. She has always been holistic even though she was a medical assistant.  She is a healer using energy work...she also had the most perfect little shop of beads.  Gemstone jewelry and metaphysical stones...the people that came to the shop we amazing.  She was a bit ahead of her time and location wasn't good.  It was just a break even operation and finally after 5 years we decided to close her doors.  I now some 25 years later wish we hadn't done that.  She was most happy those 5 years.  So, I guess I am asking - can I mix all this together and keep posting???  Can I put some magic conversation into learning more about art?  Is it okay to be a wanna-be in a world where most visitors are "artist" whether it be through writing or paint & glue. 
My Sunday morning thoughts as I sip my coffee and look out my window to the world.  The sun casting great shadows from the tall pines!  I am in a dreamy state of mind!
cheers, dana


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I'm a bit late getting here but... Thank you for your Practical Magic post.

Gentle hugs,
'Auntie,' who is being "Sweet Aunt Bridget" for the weekend

Penny said...

So what is wrong with a blog/ blogger that not only shares it art - but also shares with us the readers - the artist?

I say: Nothing.


Sinderella Studio Designs said...

I love you Penny!!! Thanks for being such a source of inspiration and support!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh Dear One, it's always been my view, that each of our blogs, can/should be exactly what feels good/best to/for us. Us. The Blogger.

Not some Version of The Ideal Blog...

Not even, what some of our Dear Readers want us to blog about. Or don't want us to blog about.


Gentle hugs...

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

And it was quite a Party, wasn't it? Amazing! Simply amazing!

Thank you so much for Commenting in my blog; "I agree, "There's no devil in the craft." Thank you sooooo much. It is my favorite line in the film, it really is.

Gentle hugs...

Zan Asha said...

Greetings! I've finally gotten around to everyone's posts---how magical! I love the story of your wonderful and YES, this not a competition, this is about comraderie! Thanks for your stories!

If you haven't had the chance, feel free to stop by my PM blog party:

Have a magical day!

Aimee Jeffries said...

Flying through for the Practical Magic Blog Party! I do understand, I call it my Artistic ADD LOL I could never work in one medium only and I'm hooked on learning to create new things. ~Blessings~

Kelly said...

I like your blog, but I know what you mean. I started thinking the same thing after seeing everyone artistically beautiful blogs from the PM party...sigh.

I found my answer and you will too. :D

annabelle said...

Oh, I am finding kindred spirits here and I have to say I feel exactly like you. I am a wannabe Artist , Writer and Witch and from time to time I think I am but when you fly on your broom to the many places to view and find an enchanting place you don't want to flee because you adore it and want some of that Magic to fill your room too, well all I can say is that some of that fairy dust glitter does stick to your hair when you leave.
Blog as you Wish,really thats all that matters.

* *

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Thanks for all the encouraging comments!!! If you didn't leave your blog address - or email - please do so! I would love to visit!
cheers, dana

apinkdreamer said...

hi! what a wonderful party you had!!!
thanks for your nice words!

Susan said...

yes you can!! My blog is "about me, my life and my art" and it says so.

your mom sounds cool!


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