Sunday, February 28, 2010

Going to the mailbox!!!

This week has been sooooooo much fun opening the mailbox, no. 1 NO BILLS, no. 2 surprises for ME! Last weekend I was at my brothers for my nephews b-day. My sister-in-law Claudia, Super Talented ARTIST of many forms - had made hand-warmers for all her grandkids and girls. I loved them and want her to show me how to do this year (along with a bunch of other projects I have asked her to share - which she would love to but somehow I never have the time - this is the year) anyways... I open the mailbox and a package from her - ummmmm, YEA! My own pair of hand-warmers! I LOVE THEM. I had this scarf I should have finished months ago and now I completed it with her push of inspiration. GOT to love it! THANKS CLAUDIA!

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