Friday, February 26, 2010


I opened the most incredible package this morning. If you have checked out the French Charming blog that I follow you will understand my excitement. Mark had been out of town and I came home from work to quickly change - rush to metro and pick him up - BUT - the box was finally in the mail from French Charming! I had ordered a simple, yet preciously beautiful, ring for my granddaughter Cloee to have as part of her b-day present this year, she will be 7 and her birthstone is pearl. So, this "cute as a button" ring that Karyn of FC made was PERFECT. I had been awaiting its arrival figuring it would be packaged frilly. Now the box was much bigger than I expected and I wanted the full experience of opening it SO - I waited (anyone that knows me - knows that was hard). Anyways, I went to the airport and picked up Mark, we had a fun ride home talking about the testing of the new Jaguar in Sebring getting ready for the 12 hour race next month. BUT, 1st thing this morning I got up, got my coffee and SAT DOWN WITH MY BOX! As I unwrapped each trinket of joy I felt like a little kid getting my first gift. It was sooooooo much fun! Karyn had enclosed a note that she had added a few things as an apology for not getting the ring out sooner. I thought it came in plenty of time - wasn't worried. You must visit her blog and her etsy shop! She just makes you smile!!!!

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Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

You put an ear to ear grin on this tardy wanna be French girls face! Oh sweet friend, I'm so happy you like!

Thanks for the shout out!! A big gigantic French hug to you! Aren't you glad I didn't say kiss? Bwahahaha! You made my day and after my blogger drama...I needed it!

Love to you!