Sunday, October 18, 2009


Wow, these shows are long and I really need some different display stuff to be able to show all that I now have. Did sell some note cards and prints - big stuff needs a more art driven venue verse crafters. Thanks to my mom for helping and her jewelry was awesome. Also, Sid Delaney's work drew alot of attention. Alot of other young people were impressed and said they were going to try and do some work to show. Saw lots of old car customers, Jenny Craig clients and new optical patients so it was fun. I am getting to work on opening a shop on so will keep you posted when I am on board.

Had a great family and friends get together for Mark's b-day but sad his sister couldn't make it in from Colorado. Then off to our annual bonfire at Spedoske's - great fun every year - his fires keep you warm no matter what!

Make a great week!


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Penny said...

Sorry to hear that your sale was not very good. I know how frustrating that can be. That,s pretty much why I let the craft show type venue - where there are lots of other sellers around. Started doing annual shows with just a few close friends in my home; advertised in our local papers & braved out the first 2 lean years. After that I really got a client base going who waited patiently all year for the next sale.
Thank you for your words of congratulations on my win over at MWO. This is the first time I ever received more than my husbands vote; so to then go on and win was quite an honor and thrill. Oh and her store has some nice goodies that I probably wouldn`t go out and buy for myself because I`m such a cheapskate. But spending her money was so much fun.
Hope you have a fun and Magical Halloween.