Thursday, October 1, 2009


Happy B-Day to Amy!!! And tomorrow - SUPER HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man of my dreams, my husband Mark!!!! He will be 60 !!! - so it is a big b-day!!! Of course, he is working like a madman to be ready for a race in CA next weekend so - probably won't get to celebrate too much! - AND - Happy B-Day on Saturday to Michele - one L - keep it safe girl!
Just an art update and run update... Things are really looking good for the October 17th Haslett High School Holiday show. We will have plenty of note cards and very affordable prints - as well as original works! My friend Debbie, that has been helping and teaching me about having prints done has just wowed me with all that can be done.
This Sunday I will be running in THE BIG HOUSE !!! WITH MY TWO SONS!!! I am sooooo excited that we are doing this together. And it is a big deal that we are starting at U of M outside the stadium - running a 5k and finishing by - do you hear this Matt - running into the stadium THRU THE TUNNEL and finishing on the 50 yard line!!! My boys have been going to games there since they were little - I mean infant size - so this is going to be fun (slow for me but fun). The Optometry Giving Sight World Challenge Day is officially October 8th and we have raised a nice donation for this great cause. Our company run had to be cancelled but we are still working to support this Challenge Day! As a whole we are promoting this organization and its ability to make a difference! Thanks to all that donated to my sponsorship - this money will give sight to people that have never seen glasses!
Oh yes - and it is big game day Saturday - I hope it is a Great Game - but as always my heart is with the maize and blue...GO BLUE - BEAT STATE !!!

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