Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a brief video of the Festival of the Sun...

Our clock is briefly seen a couple of times...after today I will stop talking about it!!!  seriously.

Lansing Festival of the Sun 2011
our clock face - close up.

cheers, dana
all content and art copyright dana strickland/sinderella studio 2011


Ann said...

thoroughly enjoyed the video!!!! loved the music...fabulous!!! the other "sculpture's were grat..but I still think yours should have one first place!! far the best and most creative!!! xo

Ann said...

oops..great not grat!! LOL..hate when the letter doesn't show up!!

Penny said...

I couldn't find the video - but I can be a bit dense sometimes.

I really liked your sculpture and i am so glad that the making of it proved to be such a happy positive experience for you.


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