Monday, September 22, 2008

real job

I sell cars - new Ford's and used anythings - today is a 12 hour day - yuck. All I could think about today was how to learn blogging better. How do I post pictures of my artwork, how do I show the comments sent back to me. How do I put in links to websites I find of interest.

I did sell a really cool Mustang GT today, female 63 years young - 5 speed she just wants to have FUN - that was exciting in the car world but my brain is in the art world these days. It is a much happier place to be.

All and all - the weather was beautiful today - sunny and warm - even though summer ended yesterday. I talked to my youngest grandson - he's one and a half - and he actually called me Grandma!!! It's all good!

1 comment:

nzw said...

Good photo of you...but at work. Let's see one of you with your art, after you get back from Key West. That's where your soul will shine. nzw